Sunday, November 7, 2010


Straight up that is what I bought- a much needed new wallet.
I've been using this turqoiuse vintage looking Guess wallet I bought at a sample sale about 8 years ago for the last year or so, but sadly it has broken due to too much moola being stuffed in it. Kidding, I just don't take care of certain things and a wallet is something that finds itself a little used and abused by the likes of me.

I did however want to find something that was in the same color family as my previous wallet. There is something nice about having a wallet that you can find at the bottom of a dark purse. This lovely wallet came in 3 colors. I bought the green for myself, the gray for my sister and left the black one in the store for all the boring people.
Super cute details on the front, it has this sort of vintage feel-in my opinion of course.
The best part about it is it has the usual coin zipper pocket on the side but it also has this zipered pouch on the top. Bonus for when you just need somewhere to shove stuff, me likey.

Item: Ecote Wallet
Price : $19.99 each
Location: Urban Outfitters,Vancouver