Sunday, December 27, 2009

You are what you eat.

In that case, I am a giant chicken finger.
So we've discussed before that sometimes I need a little help with my complexion to make it look like I'm surviving on more than raw hot dogs and sour cola candies. I've been using this product for a few years, and I figure it's good enough to cover up a bullet wound never mind give me an even skin tone. Miracle product title warranted with this little sucker for sure.

It's like 5 concealers in one. It's probably one of the only things I've ever bought where I actually read the info pamphlet that is included and I'm glad I did.

The green color is for redness, especially good around the nose area. Totally zaps redness around zitty kiddies too.
The lilac color is for brightening. Put it in the areas you would put a bronzer, it just sort of brightens those areas as a base before you put foundation on.
The Dark beige is for contouring. This one is probably my fav and my good friends know that my nose is not as skinny as it sometimes looks, and its this color that is doing it. Blend along the nose and under cheekbones to give you contour where you otherwise wouldn't have it. See Jennifer Lopez with and without makeup if you don't know what I'm talking about.
The light beige is for under eye circles.
The other color you can blend with any of the others to make a general concealer for any other trouble spots.

Honestly, this little disc is one of the best beauty products I've ever bought and have continued to buy for years.
I highly recommend it and even with a slightly heftier price tag than you might be used too, keep in mind it lasts for forever and you get like 5 in 1.

Item: Lise Watier Portfolio
Price: $29.99
Location: Shoppers Drug Mart

In the Jungle,the mighty jungle....

Well, more like in my living room at the moment, but they will be moving into my bedroom when they are potty trained.

Another item I find "ugly hot", like at any moment I could toss them off my balcony and shout "What was I thinking"?
They are kind of furry, but a soft and cozy furry. I'm changing the "mood" of my bedroom at a snails pace, but thought they would eventually fit in well as throw pillows on the bed. In the meantime, they are making nice on my couch and they are growing on me. The reason I buy ugly hot things? Usually when they are cheap enough that if the ugly overpowers the hot, I won't scold myself for tossing them.

Item: Faux I don't know Zebra-ish print pillows
Price:$12.99 each
Location: Superstore (Richmond location)

If you build it, he will come.

Well, actually I bought it so he would come over and build it, so I guess that doesn't really work, but I'm no good with instructions so this is when boys come in handy. A big thank you to a certain male who had the patience to build it for me, you are my hero.

I'm not a fan of Ikea furniture. Not because I don't think they offer great products at a great price, but for someone who has moved quite a bit over the last few years, has since realized their furniture does not usually make the move in one piece. Ikea is good for the here and now, when you don't have a ton to spend but need something functioning and cheap. Just hope you like the way that table looks in your living room cuz it'll fall apart the minute you try to move it.

I went searching for a bookcase. I'm not really one for knick knacks but I do have a really sweet circa late 90's type behemoth stereo system that plays my ipod that needed a place to rest, so leave me alone.

I'm not sure why but bookcases are ugly. They are like these giant boxes with shelves that I find most people fill with various forms of garbage. It's like a parade of all your personal junk on display, no thanks.

This one however has a nice beveled type edge at the top, a nice little touch, like a bookcase with a second name, it's just got a little more going on. Around the same price as some of the Ikea nonsense I came across, it offers in my opionion a much more stylish option for an otherwise boring ass piece of furniture. It has these cute little round ball legs at the front too, so cute!
Comes with those little holes at the back of the shelves too so you can put wires through it,someone was a thinkin with this one. Added bonus, I'm pretty sure it will still look like this when my castle is finally ready for me to move in and I take it with me.

Sidenote: The antlers in the pic, sweet gift from my buddy Kat up in Kimberly B.C. Kat, you done good with this one,me very much likey. She said they were from a store called the "Gilded Goat".
The big bowl on the top of the bookcase is a secret santa office present. I like it, but would like to know if it comes in an "apartment size" version?

Item: Library Bookcase
Price: $199.00
Location: Home Depot, Terminal Ave

Giddy Up.

So it's safe to say I've made my love of Cowboy boots known by now right?
Following in my own footsteps of never having enough, I've added a new pair to my collection.
These ones are different though! They are not black like the last pair, they are like a deep charcoal grey (almost black) but not black. I feel like I have to justify my purchase because I can just hear my mom's voice saying "they look exactly like all the other ones, if you want to know why you don't own a condo just open up your closet Anita....".
You know what mom, you are totally right but look at them! Please try to understand, and maybe you shouldn't be my number one fan of my little site, it's going to give you high blood pressure if you keep reading this...

I'll admit, if it wasn't for the lovely bejewls around the ankle area, I probably wouldn't have given them a second look, but they were made for me, very "almost rockstar".

Me loves. Real leather too, nice work Aldo, nice work.

Item: Dark Dark Grey/black fade Cowboy Boots with ankle jewelry.
Price :$119.00 (I believe they are on sale right now for 30% off)
Location: Aldo Robson St.


I can just stare at this for hours, partly because I could be sitting on a new couch that costs the same, but something tells me it's worth it.
I love this necklace, and hopefully no one is as stupid as me and willing to fork out the dough for neck art.
In it's defense, it's handmade be honest I can't remember what kind of stones because I wasn't listening, I was distracted by the sparkles it made in my eyes. Something about 25 artisans working on each piece, dipped in gold or silver 4 times...whatever. It's puts everything else I've ever owned to shame.
Quite simply the sickest necklace I will probably ever own.

2009 is going out with a bang. I managed to get myself employed, bought a motor vehicle and held a male's attention for a whole day.
Merry xmas to me, I so deserve it!

Item: Virgins Saints and Angels Multistrand emblem necklace.
Price: $445.00
Location:Blue Ruby, Robson St.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty Boring vs Boring

This isn't one of those things that is going to go down in my own hall of fame, but it's something I've been hunting down for quite a while.
A black dress is just that, a black dress. Something about it has to be interesting in order to make it so, and I like the details this one had. The fabric is like a lightweight partially sheer material which actually makes a slip underneath give it a little more zing.
The sleeves didn't photograph well, but they bell out and it gives it a nice etherial touch.
See, it really is boring and even I'm not interested enough to bother writing about it anymore, but I really do like it and it can be used for just about anything. The trick with this kind of dress is accessories and shoes, and I was thinking of a particular pair of shoes when I bought it. Brought the dress home, tried it on with the shoes, threw on a necklace and some bangles and voila, it became that much more interesting. Congratulations LBD, you can stay.

Item: Longsleeved Black Dress
Price: $56.90
Location: Zara Metrotown

Just Cuz

I'll say it again for the bazillionth time, if you like something, and I mean really like it, buy it in every color it comes in ,you and by that I mean I have never regretted it.
We're revisiting one of my older purchases from back in September, but Garage came out with new colors again, so I had to pick this one up. Already had it in a dark blue and lilac, grey always has a way of going with everything and I'm still riding my pullover vs zip up hoody train so I'm happy to add it to it's siblings. Hang well in my closet my dear, welcome home.

Item: Heather Grey Pullover Hoody
Price $29.99
Location: Garage-Metrotown

Meet the Parents

That's actually what I thought of when I bought this. I look at interview type attire in the same fashion I would look at an outfit you would wear to meet the significant others parents.I think the idea is to look polished, professional and like you know what you want, in the latter case, their son.
I saw this shirt back in the summer, tried it on and thought it was pretty sweet, but it's not really me. It's more like fake me when I attempt to look like I want to be a powerhouse woman walking down the street with my briefcase yapping on my phone because yeah, I'm just that important. Remember , it's all about projecting an image of success, whether you actually are one is neither here nor there...

I didn't buy it because at 90 bucks, I just wasn't feeling it enough. At $39, I was feeling it a little more and when I was told it was an extra 25% off that, I just wanted to feel myself in it. Mission accomplished.

Item: White Short sleeved Blouse shirt with long tie around neck
Price $39.00 plus an additional 25% off.
Location: Club Monaco Metrotown

SICK Leath

I love leather, or pleather or anything that looks and feels like it.
This jacket has a wicked collar and the color is a refreshing departure from your standard browns and blacks.
My philosophy is if you are going to experiment with trends or novelty styles and colors, do it cheaply otherwise you end up with $400 Orange Cowboy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time. 40 bucks to look like a million? Where have you been all my life Forever 21? Oh yeah, that's right , Edmonton...

They actually had a really great selection of leather jackets in a range of colors. I'm a huge fan of large collars but you can pick up anything from a purple one with a mandarin collar to your standard leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, all under 40 bucks. Effing Steal, though of course I don't condone such behavior.

Item: Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Faded Dark Blue
Price: $39.80
Location: Forever 21 Metrotown

Prettier in Pale Pink

I feel like this shirt brings out the girl I know is in me somewhere hiding behind my ubersexy potty mouth.
Aside from my fav of Cowboy Boots, dresses and Leather jackets, I'd say I don't really have a "style", it's more like I pick themes and go with them for a day. On rare occasion, I feel the need be girly. Girly to me is ruffles ,soft hair and pink lips.
I picked this one up over the weekend and bonus is it's got long sleeves, perfect for the winter wonderland weather.
I'd pair it with black jeans and a ton of jewelry, just to let my inner skid out so she doesn't suffocate.

Item: Long Sleeved Pale Pink Shirt with Buttons
Location: Zara Metrotown

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I wish Please God!

I'd imagine this will be my first splurge when I regain my spending momentum.
I've been eyeing this rosary necklace at Blue Ruby for a couple months. Pictured here with the blackish cross and bluish beading, the one I've seen in the store has turquoise beads/gold necklace and a weird colored cross. I'm not so much in love with God as I am the idea of him on a necklace.

Must use restraint, but if you are not bound by such limitations, one of the finest pieces of work I've seen in a while and worth every penny. (All 28, 500 of them). Can also be considered a great gift idea, and by that, I mean a gift for me ; )

So in love....

Item: Virgins Saints and Angles Rosary Necklace
Price: $285.00
Location: Blue Ruby Robson St.

Golden Girl

God knows my healthy glow is not from stocking up on leafy greens and fruits. I am a walking toxic dump. I'm surprised I'm not green half the time never mind the fact that in addition to my terrible eating habits, I never drink water. What can I say, it doesn't taste like anything.

I've been relying on this blush from Mac for as long as I can remember. I love that kind of glowy/dewy look as opposed to a "bronzed look". It's one thing to look sun kissed, and its another to look like the sun straight up beat you upside the face.
I find bronzers tricky, and ultimately have decided to stay away from them. This shade is great on it's own or layer it on top of your pinks and peaches to add a golden hue to the end result.

It's not shiny, it's not frosty, and sure as f*#k ain't orange. Ding Ding Ding Folks, we have a winner.

Item: Mac Blush in "Honor"
Price: $22.00
Location: Mac Robson. Check online for a location near you.


Unemployment is a slippery slope. Today I fell. Right into this lovely boyfriend blazer.
It's not my fault. I went to print resumes and it was on the way back. Well not really but it's a blazer, technically professional attire. They say you must dress for success and surely I can at least look the part in this no?

I like this one better than a few others I've seen. There is no button which is great since I usually find that something as small as a button can throw an outfit off. If it's silver, you can't wear gold etc. I opted for a style in a tweedish type material instead of the more suited one I tried on first. Even in this style,there were two very similar colors. It takes me 20 minutes to pick a tomato, so after a 30 minute hurdle of trying to make a choice, I went with this one. These are the obstacles unemployment makes me face, the old me would have just bought both and been done with it.

Item: Silence and Noise Boyfriend Blazer
Price: $88.00
Location: Urban Outiffters, Granville St.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh the agony

I must apologize. Sadly my lack of posts comes from a lack of funds rather than a lack of interest in spending money and posting mumbo jumbo about it. Mammasita Anita has imposed my own leash accordingly in order to comply with this thing I signed called a lease and the agreement to pay it every month. So , unless anyone wants to know where to rent an expensive apartment in the gayest neighborhood in town ( Perfect place for a single woman approaching the thirties by the way), posts have been suspended until I can get the employment issue resolved.
Not to worry my fine friends, upon a first pay cheque of any amount there will be a celebration of a return to life in which I promise to spend approximately 75% of it on items I don't need whatsoever, but simply just must have. And after all the buildup of this non-shopping nonsense, it will undoubtedly be of astronomical proportions. This is like those facebook pictures where there are cartoon characters and you tag your friends as "The cute one", or "The drunk chick"...except I'd get "The broke ass bi$&h".

Stay tuned as I will of course, blow my wad eventually. I hope that you will join me again when I do.
Mwuah ; )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Seek and you shall find

I had this pic of Vanessa Hudgens in a denim shirt from the summer and I was obsessed with finding one similar. While the summer might be over, my quest was not.
I finally found one that lives up to the expectations. I thought putting it on it would be like a magic cape and I'd turn around and have long flowing healthy hair,a glowing skin tone and a boyfriend prettier than me like Vanessa.
I got the shirt, I'm still waiting for the other stuff.

Bonus-Snappy Buttons!

Item: Light Denim shirt
Price $49.50
Location: American Eagle Outfitters Pacific Centre, look up online for a location near you.

Get Buck in here part deux

Before I bought my jewelry cabinet, I had a hard time finding ways to store my growing collection of neck and ear decor.
I found these antler hooks at Urban Outfitters during my antler and branch craze. I didn't realize what they would be good for, they were just something antler and I had to have them.
Even though I have everything nicely stored in little compartments, I still keep my longer necklaces on the antlers. A lot of my friends ask where I bought them and I feel bad when I say it was so long ago and that they don't sell them anymore.
HOWEVER, I always keep my eyes open, and I found these other branch/antler hybrid hooks over the weekend.
My mom informed me that I need a job more than I needed more antler hooks, so I didn't buy them, but thought I could pass along where you could find something similar if you're digging the antler/branch thing like I do.
I found this version with the two hooks at Paboom on 4th, but worth mentioning, if you want more of them, Front and Company on Main street has the same version as the one in the photo, but I think it has about 5 actual hook pieces on it.

Item: Antler hooks-Silver
Price: $24.95 for 2 hooks/$35.95 for 5 hooks
Location: 2 hook -Paboom 1955 West 4th
5 hook-(Not pictured) Front and Company 3772 Main St.


Sometimes I buy stupid things just because they are cute. See frog shaped coasters I now hide from view of my 30 year old friends.
This was actually a cute and useful item.
I used to live in a really old building in South Granville. Bonus- it was an old building and HUGE. Downfall was everything in it was old, including the tub. Somewhere along the way we lost the drain stop for the bathtub. In a house of 3 girls, baths are a regular occurrence. For a while, I tried using the plastic lid from my shaving cream. That was interesting, holding it down with my toes the whole time made for a slightly less relaxing bath. I tried to buy one from Home depot, Canadian tire, but because it was so old, none of them fit. I found this one at Paboom on West 4th . They don't sell them anymore, but I went looking for them somewhere else in case you have the same problem. I found them just down the street at Now & Then on 4th.
Super cute and it works, yay! Comes in variety of colors, I just picked this one cuz it matched my hair.

(Also a good alternative if you have the metal stopper thing but the handle or chain has ripped off).

Item: Drain Stopper for Bathtub
Price: $7.95
Location: Now & Then 1986 West 4th.

AIILOL-As in I laughed out loud.

Not even possibly, these are the cutest cards I have EVER seen.
I came across these when I was doing some buying a few years ago and I've never forgotten them.
Quite Simply, perfection in a card for any occasion. Couldn't write them better myself .They are smart , witty and adorable. Too bad they don't come in the form of a man.
One of my faves? A cute light bluish colored one that has a solitary figure on the front with some tissues.
The front : "Sorry to hear about your breakup"
Inside:"But if it helps , I always thought he was an asshole anyway. In fact, we used to make fun of you for dating him."

I'm posting a few of my faves, but check the website to get the full idea of all the cards available. I'm posting the closest Vancouver Location, but they are sold all over Canada, just check the "Where to buy" section of the website and see if there is a store near you.A refreshingly honest,sometimes brutal, always sarcastic,but never the less very caring card.

Item: Bald Guy Greeting Card
Price $4.99
Location: Moule West 4th/Park Royal Vancouver. Check website above for other locations if you are outside Vancouver, they are available!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who does your hair?

Another lesser known fact, I went to hairdressing school. Why am I not a hairdresser you ask? Because my mom was wrong, Evidently I can't do anything I set my mind to. Quite simply the reason is because I sucked at it, and its one of those professions where you don't have a lot of time or practice to "get better". Don't even ask me if I can give you a trim because I can't even color within the lines of a balloon nevermind cut in a straight line.The end.

This would best explain why I have much love for the talented people that have styled, cut and colored (and color corrected) my hair over the years. Below this post will be pictures of a few of the styles that got the most "Who dun it" questions and the hairdressers information that did it. All of them at one point or another have worked miracles, and I highly recommend any of them should you require the services of a professional.

And the Winner is...

Color by Steven Ledoux at Hennessey Salon In Oakridge Mall.
(Sorry about the pic but I don't have any other ones at the moment..)

I had hair horror happen to me in Australia. What started as going in to get my roots done ended up with me having two toned hair, Red on top and brown on the bottom. Not willing to cut the brown off, I went somewhere else to get it fixed and came out with an ugly all over mahogany color. In an attempt to fix that, I ended up with over bleached hair that resembled a pink tutu. In the end, it was deemed un-fixable and I had to return to a natural brunette hue and wait the growing out stage. I went to 6 hairdressers. SIX. All of whom told me that going back to any shade of red could not be done without my hair falling out, melting away or coming out in all shades of the rainbow. No one would touch it, until Steven. (Insert God-entering type music here).

Steven brought me back to life when everyone else told me to give up and live with being a brunette. Quite simply, I would not take that for an answer. If Lindsay Lohan isn't bald by now I sure as hell wasn't going to turn out that way, why could no one see that?
He knew it was a big job, but it was one he was willing to take on. I was in the salon for 8 hours. I can't even get into the details about why this was so complicated, but just trust me when I say that fixing my hair was probably the hardest job of his life. For a moment about half way through when I looked like a florescent orange pylon, I thought he looked a little worried, but he pulled it out in the end. I wasn't happy with the first color, and told him ,and he fixed it right away by applying a color to tone down the brightness of the first. Honestly, this was a big, huge job in terms of color correction, and what was quoted to me by other stylists that refused to do it was in the five hundred dollar range. I ended up paying $250, and that was because he had to add on an extra product fee. (My hair is way thicker than it looks and eats up color like a dryer does socks). Worth every penny, He did what no one else would, and for that I love him.

Side note: John my regular hairdresser was on holidays for a month when I got back from Australia, and that's how I ended up with Steven, both equally talented.

Item:Color by Steven Ledoux at Hennessey Salon In Oakridge Mall
Price: Call for information
Location:650 West 41st Ave @ Cambie St. Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-668-3600

Who did that?

Cut and Color done by John Viera at Axis Hair Salon in Sinclair Centre.

So I went to see John on the recommendation of a friend. (Lexi if you are out there, I owe you for this one!)
John is ah-may-zing. There are a lot of hairdressers out there who are not fond of doing red hair, fake or otherwise. It's messy,and unless the client maintains the color you are like a walking billboard of a crappy job that is not their fault once the color has faded. John gets so close to my roots with the color I swear the couple inches that grow out are actually dyed red.
I'm usually in the salon for a few hours because my hair is done in a few stages, so I've seen him turn out some pretty rad looking blonds in my time there.Given the fact that he's been doing this for over 10 years, he's a pro at churning out colors that are as close to perfection as you will ever see. He's also honest, and if you ask him what he thinks of a shade or color, he'll tell you if he thinks you would be better suited for something else. He's told me numerous times that I'm insane and that my search for the perfect pomegranate color will only be achieved if I actually dip my head in pomegranate juice; But he's gotten me pretty damn close, and for that, I will always love him.

He's also easy on the eyes and it makes the waiting time go by all that much faster when you have something nice to look at no?

Item: Haircut and Style by John Viera
Price: Call the salon/get consultation
Location:Axis Hair salon-57 HASTINGS ST W Vancouver, British Columbia (In Sinclar Centre where the passport office is)
Phone : (604) 608-0860

Who does your hair?

Cut and color done by Deandra Vaughn at Barbarella Hair Salon on Main and 16th.

This was the best cut of my entire life. I brought in a picture of what I wanted, but told her that I wanted a slightly longer version of what was in the picture. Deandra took her time with my hair and cut it wet, blow dried it and then continued cutting when it was dry. The color was also amazing. She put the foils in my head in a way that when it grew out, the root lines were not as visible as they had been in the past. Putting them in at odd angles allowed for there to be a less evident root line so I could go longer between touch-ups. A cutting genius of you are looking for layers, this is where the "I want to look like a rockstar on their day off " look actually started.Pictures has the pic I brought in and then a side view of my hair.

Item: Haircut and Highlights
Price: Have to call the salon
Location: Barbarella Hair Salon 3277 Main St Vancouver BC, V5V 3M6
Phone #: 604-876-1414

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Because 2 Fingers are better than 1.

Eww, sorry. Even I'm grossed out by that title, but it's in reference to double finger rings, so I hope you can forgive me.
These little bad boys are on the very top of the "where did you get those" list. Sadly, my collection started in Australia, so unless you can get to Bondi Beach, you'll be out of luck for the styles from my personal collection. BUT...I really wanted to look for some here in town to try and tell people where you might be able to find them. So far, I've only come across a few styles, but while you continue to look, hopefully they can jump start your new collection.

Bang on has a really simple style that comes in just gold or silver, basically just two bands together. I'd call these training wheels for double finger rings and a good place to start as the bigger the ring, the more it takes to get used to the limited use of the fingers you wear them on. I'd like to consider myself over the beginning stages as I wore my biggest "Rock" double finger ring bartending with no problems. So hopefully that can also answer your question of "can you still use your fingers when you wear them?", the answer is absolutely. Aside from the simple styles, they have one that says "Famous" across it, and it actually spans over 3 fingers. If it said Hollywood I would have got it, but famous isn't really my steez, but it might be yours. They also had a little bit of a thicker block style with rhinestones,again in both gold and silver. I was able to see all of them at the Robson St. Location but they only had a couple at the Metrotown Bang-On.

So, I promise as I'm on the hunt to adding to my own double finger ring collection to post anything new I find, but in the meantime, if you are just dying to have one, check out Bang-On and just ask to see anything they have in the double finger style.

(For the Aussies)
Item: Double Finger Ring-Silver and Gold Gun , Block style Silver "Rock" ring-Mafia
Price $79.99 Each AUD
Location: Bondi Beach-Sage

(For the Canadians)
Item: Plain Band Gold and Silver Double finger rings
Price: $18.99
Location: Bang-On Robson St (Look online, locations country wide.

Why are you so obsessed with me?

That's the nice thing about plaid right now, it's everywhere. I'm determined to get as much of it as I can before it disappears again into the fashion abyss along with camouflage and bell bottom jeans.

Picked this one up today. It doesn't have snappy buttons, but I let that go in exchange for the cute little ruffle stitch it has above the pockets. Fair trade.

Item:Dollhouse Plaid Shirt
Price: $19.99
Location: Winners (Robson & Granville)

Plaid is Rad

And in my opinion one of those things that never goes out of style.

I found this one at American Eagle outfitters. They have a bunch of styles and colors right now, but this one has snappy buttons and a really cute pink checkered print in the inside of the shirt. I like when you get a little surprise bang for your buck, it's like it's saying "Hey I'm actually worth what you are paying for me!", and isn't that nice for a change?

Item: Orange Plaid Shirt w Pink checkers inside.
Price $49.50
Location: American Eagle outfitters, Pacific Center

Better in Pleather.

I've been looking for a jacket like this since I saw this photo in a magazine back in Australia. A habit of mine is to rip pictures out that I like and take them shopping with me. When a sales person approaches and asks if they can help me find anything, I whip out my picture and say "Sure, got anything that looks like this?". It saves me from digging though racks, which is something I prefer not to do. The way I see it, put the good stuff where I can see it cuz the only thing I dig is my foot out from my mouth on the odd occasion.

Leather jackets in general are a huge fav of mine, in fact huge would still be an understatement. If I had 3 staples in a constant rotation in my wardrobe, it would include cowboy boots, awesome jewelry and a leather jacket. This one hit the target in terms of the style. I'll admit,the fit isn't the greatest, as in I had to buy a large because the style has it a little on the short side, so it's a tad big in the arms. It also looks better undone as opposed to zipped all the way up. I had to take another look at it when I got home on account that the lighting in Hollister was rather suspect. I can't decide what I care for less-Skinny mirrors or lighting so terrible I can't tell what color my own hair is. I get the whole beach vibe thing Hollister has going but for real, somethings gotta give. When I'm asking the mannequin who I mistook for my best friend what she thinks of the shirt I've got on, that tells me the lighting is a tad better suited for a vampire,and sadly I am but just a mortal woman.

Item: Hollister Moto Jacket
Price: $160.00
Location:Hollister- Pacific Centre. You can also order online or head down to the US of A for a $30 savings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robin Hood to the Rescue!

Not really, but for some reason these boots make me feel like I should have a bow and arrow slung over my shoulder hunting dinner in the woods, too bad I'm a fussitarian. (Someone who does not eat normal food and takes the word "picky" to a whole new level).

Above the knee boots for those that care happen to be very "in" right now, and these offer both the option of being a below the knee boot by folding the top down or leaving it up for aforementioned look. I actually got these over a year ago at Spank on West 4th. Cost- $200.00. I just saw them at Winners for $90.00. I think they look best with leggings or super skinny jeans but if you're up for the challenge of pulling off a stylish yet not skanky look, try it with a shorter dress or skirt.Just don't be surprised if you miss the mark and someone is calling out "Oh Bambi..", because yes, they would be talking to you.

For that price, I'd swing from a tree branch any day. I suggest you swang on over to Winners and pick yourself up a pair.

Item: Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Grey Suede Boots
Price: $89.99
Location: Winners-Various Locations Country Wide

I found Jesus! He was on my Necklace the whole time!

I kid because I love-this necklace of course.
Always been a fan of Rosaries. You might not know I attended a private Catholic school when I was in my early elementary years.
When my family made a move from North Delta to White Rock, my mom asked me if I wanted to attend public school , or remain in my tunic friendly familiar surroundings. Deciding Factor? I got to wear my own clothes at public school, even at that age I was dying to get out of my white knee socks and rock some personal style. (I had a killer scrunchie collection I was dying to showcase).

Perhaps it's a reminder of my past, a way to reconnect with my old more innocent version of myself, but nothing about this necklace says innocent to me. Love it with a plain white tee and jeans, it's the perfect length to capture the eye and keep it focused above that muffin top. This was the only one I've seen in a while and it cures me of all my sins. Well, not really, but who's going to mess with God? Or at the very least, someone wearing him?

Item: Black and Silver Rosary Necklace
Price: $18.99
Location: Aldo Accessories-Various Locations, Look up online.
P.S- It's in the mens section ; )

If you weren't born with em, Buy'em!

I am constantly on the look out for a man that is exceptionally tall,blonde or light haired with blue eyes-essentially my exact opposite. My reasoning behind this is that I would like my children (God help me) if I ever had any, to have a fighting chance at being something other than a midget with brown hair and brown eyes. This is where I have to throw in the token "Of course there is nothing wrong with that...", but for me, I'm happier being a fake red-head with fake blue eyes, I figure it goes better with my fake personality.
I'm actually really glad I don't have a few thousand bucks lying around for no good reason. I'd be one of those chicks walking around with a really mangled face wrapped in bandages and qwackadoodled lips saying "Just one more surgery!"

Right, my point...
I was born with brown eyes, though most people that know me can probably say that they have not seen them in years. I've been wearing Blue contacts for over 10 years and I wear them everyday. I don't have a prescription, meaning they are purely for cosmetic reasons. Over the years I have tried different brands and different colors. I've been wearing one brand and one color now for the last 5 or so, they are called "Expressions" and they are made by Cooper Vision. The nice thing about this brand is that some of the colors are specifically designed for brown eyes. You know that fake look that a lot of people have when they are wearing colored lenses? That look happens when too much of the brown underneath is poking though. These lenses are the best of the bunch, and trust me I've tried them all. (Freshlook are the worst, people told me I looked "stoned", "high" or just plain crazy when I wore them.) A lot of places who sell these colored lenses try and make an extra buck off you by telling you that even though you don't require a prescription, you still need an "eye exam" to measure your eyes. I found a place that told me that is bull-s$%t, since they come in one size and fit everyone the same way, it's the prescription that alters the lens, nothing more.
This place also lets you try the lenses on in different colors so you can "try before you buy" and make sure you like the color you are getting and that it suits you. They let you take a mirror and walk outside just to make sure you get the full idea of how they look, and take advantage of that as some of them really do change in the daylight. If they don't have a box ready to sell in the store, you order them and it takes about 2 business days to get there.

Honestly, there are still times where people call me out for having "fake eyes" , but more often then not , I get told I have the most beautiful eyes,and even though they aren't mine, it's still nice to hear. My response is always " Thank you! You can get them too if you want, they are just $79.99 a box!"

Item: Cooper Vision-Expressions Colored Lenses in Blue. They also come in a range of shades from Blue and Green to Hazel and Brown. I'm wearing the blue in the picture. Tyra would be happy, I'm "smizing with my eyes".
Price: $69.99-79.99 a box that contains 3 pairs/6 lenses
Usage: If you were to wear a pair every day as opposed to once in a while/on weekends, you could wear them for about 2 months or so. If you only wear them out for special occasions, 1 pair will last you a lot longer, but they come in a box of 3 pairs anyways.
Location: Strozzi's Eyewear 1175 Mainland Street, cross street is Davie.

Like Roses to my Ears

Super Cute.
Though it doesn't happen often, there are times when even I like to remind myself that I am indeed a female.So on the days where I give my guns and antlers a rest, little studs like these are perfect for "work"or "family gatherings" where people in the past have had issues with a machete being worn around my neck. I assume when asked to choose more "appropriate jewelry" that these little rose buds would be acceptable?
How could they not? So small but still have a little style rebel kick to them. The color in the photo comes out a little more blue then they actually look, I would call them more turquoise in addition to absolutely adorable. I bought 2 pairs,when they are this cheap, I can lose one and still have a back up. Speaking of back-ups, the backs of these little guys are super strong, I don't think they are going anywhere, and I'm happy about that. Also available in Purple and Pink.

Item: Turquoise Rosebud Earrings
Price: $1.98
Location: Forever 21, Metrotown

It's called a Toque Eh?

This is one of those things I think of as ugly hot. At first, It looks like one of those things your grandma knit you for Xmas and you're all "Wow, Thanks", but on second look, it's actually kind of cute in the same kind of way. I'm a fan of this old school style toque, bobble head thing and all. I love the little strings that hang down on the side. It has so many colors in it it's one of those things that almost go with nothing but at the same time go with everything, can't go wrong with that.

My new Winter hat, and at 11 bucks, a steal. Also comes in a darker color combo, but this one matched my hair.

Item: Bobble Toque
Price: $10.98
Location: Forever 21, Metrotown

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get buck in here

I love antlers. A while back I was OBSESSED with finding anything with them on it-a ring, a necklace etc.
I was in NY a few years ago and I bought this necklace at a typical "artist market". I chatted with the designer and talked him down a few bucks and took his card. I'm sure he didn't think much of a Canadian chick telling him he would "make it" one day because his jewelry was seriously rad,but I told him he would anyways.
I suppose I lucked out because at the time, I paid $100 bucks for my necklace. You can imagine my surprise when I ended up seeing my exact necklace at the Block in Gastown about a year later. While I'm not sure if they still carry the line, when they had my necklace, it was priced at $230.00.

Although this isn't something I bought recently, it's still relevant because it's just as wicked as the day I bought it. I looked it up online and the line is doing really well and has expanded into new collections. Unfortunately, I won' be making a trip back to NY anytime soon so I'm thinking I might just have to fork over the major cash for the matching ring I just found on line. In my opinion,when it comes to jewelry, the bigger the better. Ain't gonna have no prob'ems when I'm wearing this bad boy soon...

If you've got the cash to drop, do it, they ship to Canada.

Item: Digby and Iona Deer Necklace (From the Hunter series)
Price: $230.00 USD for the Necklace on the website
$330.00 USD for the Ring.
Location: online at or you can try and see if the block still carries it.

Shower Treats for Neets.

I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

Quite Simply I just thought these were cute, and they smell good, no need to elaborate beyond that.
Also-cheap. I love Winners.

Item: Anatomicals Body Cleanser
Location: Winners (bought one in White Rock and one Downtown)
Price: $4.99 each