Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get buck in here

I love antlers. A while back I was OBSESSED with finding anything with them on it-a ring, a necklace etc.
I was in NY a few years ago and I bought this necklace at a typical "artist market". I chatted with the designer and talked him down a few bucks and took his card. I'm sure he didn't think much of a Canadian chick telling him he would "make it" one day because his jewelry was seriously rad,but I told him he would anyways.
I suppose I lucked out because at the time, I paid $100 bucks for my necklace. You can imagine my surprise when I ended up seeing my exact necklace at the Block in Gastown about a year later. While I'm not sure if they still carry the line, when they had my necklace, it was priced at $230.00.

Although this isn't something I bought recently, it's still relevant because it's just as wicked as the day I bought it. I looked it up online and the line is doing really well and has expanded into new collections. Unfortunately, I won' be making a trip back to NY anytime soon so I'm thinking I might just have to fork over the major cash for the matching ring I just found on line. In my opinion,when it comes to jewelry, the bigger the better. Ain't gonna have no prob'ems when I'm wearing this bad boy soon...

If you've got the cash to drop, do it, they ship to Canada.

Item: Digby and Iona Deer Necklace (From the Hunter series)
Price: $230.00 USD for the Necklace on the website http://www.digbyandiona.com/
$330.00 USD for the Ring.
Location: online at http://www.digbyandiona.com or you can try and see if the block still carries it.