Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the Winner is...

Color by Steven Ledoux at Hennessey Salon In Oakridge Mall.
(Sorry about the pic but I don't have any other ones at the moment..)

I had hair horror happen to me in Australia. What started as going in to get my roots done ended up with me having two toned hair, Red on top and brown on the bottom. Not willing to cut the brown off, I went somewhere else to get it fixed and came out with an ugly all over mahogany color. In an attempt to fix that, I ended up with over bleached hair that resembled a pink tutu. In the end, it was deemed un-fixable and I had to return to a natural brunette hue and wait the growing out stage. I went to 6 hairdressers. SIX. All of whom told me that going back to any shade of red could not be done without my hair falling out, melting away or coming out in all shades of the rainbow. No one would touch it, until Steven. (Insert God-entering type music here).

Steven brought me back to life when everyone else told me to give up and live with being a brunette. Quite simply, I would not take that for an answer. If Lindsay Lohan isn't bald by now I sure as hell wasn't going to turn out that way, why could no one see that?
He knew it was a big job, but it was one he was willing to take on. I was in the salon for 8 hours. I can't even get into the details about why this was so complicated, but just trust me when I say that fixing my hair was probably the hardest job of his life. For a moment about half way through when I looked like a florescent orange pylon, I thought he looked a little worried, but he pulled it out in the end. I wasn't happy with the first color, and told him ,and he fixed it right away by applying a color to tone down the brightness of the first. Honestly, this was a big, huge job in terms of color correction, and what was quoted to me by other stylists that refused to do it was in the five hundred dollar range. I ended up paying $250, and that was because he had to add on an extra product fee. (My hair is way thicker than it looks and eats up color like a dryer does socks). Worth every penny, He did what no one else would, and for that I love him.

Side note: John my regular hairdresser was on holidays for a month when I got back from Australia, and that's how I ended up with Steven, both equally talented.

Item:Color by Steven Ledoux at Hennessey Salon In Oakridge Mall
Price: Call for information
Location:650 West 41st Ave @ Cambie St. Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-668-3600