Friday, October 23, 2009

Tell me something I don't know

Impulse buy at the checkout...

I'm not quite sure what caused me to fork 20 something bucks for this "Secrets of Style" special edition, perhaps I was hungry?
Should have got a pack of gum instead. While the mag does have some good pictures, the "style" advice is pretty much fashion 101. People who don't care about fashion are not going to buy this type of magazine and the ones that do understand and love it don't need to be told that heels elongate your legs.

Sometimes I get it wrong, and this was 20 bucks wasted. Don't bother, I know it's all shiny and it looks like a book, something you can keep forever, but they did use current pictures, which means regardless of the style "tips" , it will be dated soon enough.
Buy a pack of gum or gossip rag mag Life and Style, investing 2 bucks is better than 20 and you might just end up with the secret of how to get Tori Spellings concave cleavage- because boobies like that never go out of style.

Item: In style "The New Secrets of Style" magazine-on Display thru to Dec 18/09
Buy at : Shoppers, London Drugs, Chapters