Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If you weren't born with em, Buy'em!

I am constantly on the look out for a man that is exceptionally tall,blonde or light haired with blue eyes-essentially my exact opposite. My reasoning behind this is that I would like my children (God help me) if I ever had any, to have a fighting chance at being something other than a midget with brown hair and brown eyes. This is where I have to throw in the token "Of course there is nothing wrong with that...", but for me, I'm happier being a fake red-head with fake blue eyes, I figure it goes better with my fake personality.
I'm actually really glad I don't have a few thousand bucks lying around for no good reason. I'd be one of those chicks walking around with a really mangled face wrapped in bandages and qwackadoodled lips saying "Just one more surgery!"

Right, my point...
I was born with brown eyes, though most people that know me can probably say that they have not seen them in years. I've been wearing Blue contacts for over 10 years and I wear them everyday. I don't have a prescription, meaning they are purely for cosmetic reasons. Over the years I have tried different brands and different colors. I've been wearing one brand and one color now for the last 5 or so, they are called "Expressions" and they are made by Cooper Vision. The nice thing about this brand is that some of the colors are specifically designed for brown eyes. You know that fake look that a lot of people have when they are wearing colored lenses? That look happens when too much of the brown underneath is poking though. These lenses are the best of the bunch, and trust me I've tried them all. (Freshlook are the worst, people told me I looked "stoned", "high" or just plain crazy when I wore them.) A lot of places who sell these colored lenses try and make an extra buck off you by telling you that even though you don't require a prescription, you still need an "eye exam" to measure your eyes. I found a place that told me that is bull-s$%t, since they come in one size and fit everyone the same way, it's the prescription that alters the lens, nothing more.
This place also lets you try the lenses on in different colors so you can "try before you buy" and make sure you like the color you are getting and that it suits you. They let you take a mirror and walk outside just to make sure you get the full idea of how they look, and take advantage of that as some of them really do change in the daylight. If they don't have a box ready to sell in the store, you order them and it takes about 2 business days to get there.

Honestly, there are still times where people call me out for having "fake eyes" , but more often then not , I get told I have the most beautiful eyes,and even though they aren't mine, it's still nice to hear. My response is always " Thank you! You can get them too if you want, they are just $79.99 a box!"

Item: Cooper Vision-Expressions Colored Lenses in Blue. They also come in a range of shades from Blue and Green to Hazel and Brown. I'm wearing the blue in the picture. Tyra would be happy, I'm "smizing with my eyes".
Price: $69.99-79.99 a box that contains 3 pairs/6 lenses
Usage: If you were to wear a pair every day as opposed to once in a while/on weekends, you could wear them for about 2 months or so. If you only wear them out for special occasions, 1 pair will last you a lot longer, but they come in a box of 3 pairs anyways.
Location: Strozzi's Eyewear 1175 Mainland Street, cross street is Davie.