Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who does your hair?

Cut and color done by Deandra Vaughn at Barbarella Hair Salon on Main and 16th.

This was the best cut of my entire life. I brought in a picture of what I wanted, but told her that I wanted a slightly longer version of what was in the picture. Deandra took her time with my hair and cut it wet, blow dried it and then continued cutting when it was dry. The color was also amazing. She put the foils in my head in a way that when it grew out, the root lines were not as visible as they had been in the past. Putting them in at odd angles allowed for there to be a less evident root line so I could go longer between touch-ups. A cutting genius of you are looking for layers, this is where the "I want to look like a rockstar on their day off " look actually started.Pictures has the pic I brought in and then a side view of my hair.

Item: Haircut and Highlights
Price: Have to call the salon
Location: Barbarella Hair Salon 3277 Main St Vancouver BC, V5V 3M6
Phone #: 604-876-1414