Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I found Jesus! He was on my Necklace the whole time!

I kid because I love-this necklace of course.
Always been a fan of Rosaries. You might not know I attended a private Catholic school when I was in my early elementary years.
When my family made a move from North Delta to White Rock, my mom asked me if I wanted to attend public school , or remain in my tunic friendly familiar surroundings. Deciding Factor? I got to wear my own clothes at public school, even at that age I was dying to get out of my white knee socks and rock some personal style. (I had a killer scrunchie collection I was dying to showcase).

Perhaps it's a reminder of my past, a way to reconnect with my old more innocent version of myself, but nothing about this necklace says innocent to me. Love it with a plain white tee and jeans, it's the perfect length to capture the eye and keep it focused above that muffin top. This was the only one I've seen in a while and it cures me of all my sins. Well, not really, but who's going to mess with God? Or at the very least, someone wearing him?

Item: Black and Silver Rosary Necklace
Price: $18.99
Location: Aldo Accessories-Various Locations, Look up online.
P.S- It's in the mens section ; )