Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's called a Toque Eh?

This is one of those things I think of as ugly hot. At first, It looks like one of those things your grandma knit you for Xmas and you're all "Wow, Thanks", but on second look, it's actually kind of cute in the same kind of way. I'm a fan of this old school style toque, bobble head thing and all. I love the little strings that hang down on the side. It has so many colors in it it's one of those things that almost go with nothing but at the same time go with everything, can't go wrong with that.

My new Winter hat, and at 11 bucks, a steal. Also comes in a darker color combo, but this one matched my hair.

Item: Bobble Toque
Price: $10.98
Location: Forever 21, Metrotown