Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to the Family

I told you, it was jewelry overload this last trip.
There was this cool store in Alderwood mall that seems to mesh together music and clothes nicely.
I'll be honest and say if you are a wannabe rockstar, you'd love it.

Basically just some cool stuff I picked out, no need to blab on for this grouping. Frankly I'm exhausted from all this writing and shopping, I need a break. (Only form the writing of course, never the shopping).

Item: From Left to Right-
Big Beaded Cross on Gunmetal Chain-$19.99
Black thin Rosary-$19.99
Antique Gunmetal Ring w/white portrait-$15.99
Big Gunmetal Ring with Black Stone centre-$17.99
Location: Metro Park-Alderwood Mall, Washington USA

Rouched B-Suit

Along with Bra's, bathing suits are right up there with my least favorite things to shop for.
I suppose I can't justify why articles so small need to cost so much. It covers my ha-ha's and hu-hu, why in the world do these things cost over a hundred bucks?

I wasn't really in the mood for a new bathing suit, but I thought it best not to wait until I needed one, that way I lesson the pressure of picking something ill fitting and expensive because I have too.
I actually love this bathing suit, and it comes in all sorts of colors. There were polka dots, solids like purple, green, teal and yellow, and they are sold as seperates so you can mix and match. I love that there is a strap should you need it, but it comes off so you can rock the tube top style. It's also really comfortable and you can't beat the price.
For the record, I bought bathing suits before at Target and they still look great today, proving that cheap can most certainly remain cheerful.

Item: Mossimo Top and Bottom Bathing Suit (Sold Seperately)
Price: $ 17.99 Each
Location: Target-Bellis Fair Mall, Washington USA

Fun Earrings

This trip seemed to be all about Jewelry for me.
I got this set of 3 rosebuds and the pair of turquoise with gold stud earrings at Forever 21 for under 10 bucks.
I posted about these little turquoise rose studs I got a while back and people still seem to love them, so here is an updated version. When things are this cheap I usually buy 2 sets since I am prone to losing earrings and unlike socks, I don't fancy wearing mismatches. This time I only bought one and I intend to keep on eye on them at all times, until of course I find my next new favorites and these end up at the bottom of a drainhole.

Item: Turquoise Hoops with Gold Stud/ Set of 3 Rosebud earrings in Dusty Rose, Ivory and Black
Price: $3.80 each (USD)
Location: Forever 21 Accessories Store, Alderwood Mall, Washington USA

Best Supporting goes too..

I've recently posted my dislike for bra shopping and spending over 20 bucks on a boobie holster. I am surprised with myself that I found some that I actually liked, and they were under 20 bucks.
Some of you may think the larger boobed woman are blessed, but I call them appendages of the skin that require a basket in order to be able to function. Bigger bras just aren't nice looking and comfort goes out the window when something is required to hold up a couple of bowling balls. BUT, I found this one and liked it so much, as usual, had to buy it in two colors.

There is no underwrire,and somehow the straps are not adjustable either and it still fit me perfectly. Is this what it's like when you find something that fits properly? Maybe I'm one of those chicks who needs to be measured..perhaps my dislike is unfounded by my stupidity and/or being in "d-nial". I think I keep trying to squish myself into what is obviously too small of a holster, hoping for the best with not so hot results.
Love the leopard, love the comfort, love these bras. At $12.99 each with a $1.50 off coupon attached, this is my kinda deal,and one I gladly pass on to you.

Item: Wire Free T-Shirt Bras in Leopard and Black
Price: $12.99 less $1.50 instant attached coupon
Location: Target-Bellis Fair Mall, Washington USA.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Outift Ideas

From Top to Bottom:

Tank: TNA Heather Grey Tank from Aritzia-$22.00
Multistrand Grey Beaded Necklace-Mine
Bag: Cashew Clutch in Gunmetal Grey and Dusty Rose from Zara-$25.90 each
Pants: White "Legging" jeans from Zara-$35.90
Shoes: Aldo Booties and Shoes-$54.98/65.98

You can scroll through previous posts to find out more about each item, each has been purchased within the last 2 weeks.
Happy Shopping!

God is Everywhere These Days..

I have an obsession with Rosaries. Part of this comes from the fact that you can't usually find them. It's like men, you want one , or more then one until they are on your couch all the time and then you get sick of seeing them. I'm not quite there yet, but I always liked that I didn't see too many around. Naturally when I came across eight thousand of them on my shopping outing, it worried me slightly that every 15 year old who stole 20 bucks from mamma's purse can get one, I'll worry about that later- until then my obsession continues.

Picked these two up for a bargain at Forever 21 in the states. I thought the baubles at the U.S one were way better than the selection at our Metrotown store. Again, not knocking our Canadian doors, but why don't we get the good stuff? I was there last week and I never saw anything like these. Of course I had to buy both, I need one to hang from my rearview mirror and one to fend off Twilight fans.

Item: Rosary Necklaces
Price:$7.80 each/both colors
Location: Forever 21, Alderwood Mall, Washington

Hot Pink Flashes

Once again, sorry about the pic. I'm really not a professional and I don't have the skills or equipment to take really good photos, but hopefully you'll be able to see the colors.

I posted way back about NYC nail polish color being right up there with OPI (which dries out way to quickly in my opinion).
I've bought a few colors since then and in light of my new hot pink bra that will be showing out of my new tank top, I thought my nails should be equally spicy.

Bought 2 new colors for "Spring". I am usually a huge fan of dark nails, but one must get with the times/seasons and mix it up a bit. The one on the left is a bit more of a natural berry color and the one on the right matches my new bra.

Item: NYC Nail Polish Left: 244B-Downtown
Right: 236B- Greenwich Village
Price: $1.72
Location: Target-Bellis Fair Mall,Washington (But you can get them at London Drugs here in Canada)

Grandma- Cover your Eyes.

For how much I love clothing and shopping, bra's are just not something I care too much about, period.
HOWEVER, that tank I bought the other day...the one with the loose and wide arm holes needs a worthy companion. If I'm going to have to rock/show some side boob action, they should at least be adorned properly.

This one caught my eye when I walked in. There was actually another one in a slightly deeper reddish hue, still bright as hell that I wanted more, but they didn't have my size. Super pretty but the brightness gives it some pow! I ended up buying it with the tank in mind and later bought nail polish to match. Trust me, side boob will be very in this summer, make sure yours look great!

Item: Lace no wire Bra
Price:$ 18.99
Location-Victoria's Secret-Alderwood Mall, Washington

A Tisket a Tasket a 10 dollar Basket.

So I bought this nice little organizer to go in my bathroom drawer to keep my makeup from being all over the place and it always ends up all over my counter. There are certain things that are just hard to change, and this pattern seems to be one of them.

I decided since it's too much effort to place things neatly back in a drawer that I would have to find a new solution. I found this basket and it's big enough to hold the make-up I use on a daily basis and the other stuff can stay in the drawer. I can throw my brushes in one of the compartments and the rest of the stuff between the rest of the pockets.
That way, even when I just sweep everything off the counter, it still looks somewhat organized. It has a little handle on it too, which serves no purpose for me other than I justified the purchase going "Oh, but it even has a handle!!"

Item: Basket with compartments
Price: $9.99
Location: Winners-Park Royal

The Joc sweater.

So my best friend and I met over a mutual love of clothes,and continue to share the obsession.
The nice thing is we meet somewhere in the middle in terms of our style; there are things we each have that the other admires, and then it's like we both take a turn in a different direction. Joc goes totally preppy. She loves collared shirts, flowery cardigans, delicate jewelry etc. I go the other way and look more like a skid, rocked out and like I could use a shower. I love how we have a common ground and then we can look at eachother's choices and go "I don't get it".

There's a few things of Joc's over the years that have migrated into my closet. The jean jacket, the TFS hoody, the Kentucky tee-shirt, and it's only because I was never able to find one of my own that I kept hers. This time, I borrowed a longer grey sweater to go out one night since mine was in the wash and I knew I had to get one of my own.

Hers was old Navy. She always finds stuff there and I hate it. I always find stuff in Winners and she hates it, this is why we are good for each other. I actually found this one in Zara, and it has these cute little buttons going up the arm sleeves, a very "Joc" type detail. It's super soft and nice and long, but not too long with plain nice buttons.
Exactly what I want in a just throw it over a t-shirt type sweater, I was very very happy to find one of my own.
So Joc, You can have yours back now. See, I give stuff back-eventually.

Item: V Neck Heather Grey Button Up Sweater
Price: $39.90
Location: Zara -Robson St.

Bicyclette-Sounds so much cooler in French.

On our trip down to the good ol' U .S of EH, we stopped in at my favorite store of all time, Urban Outfitters. Not to say that our own location here in Vancouver doesn't stack the goods, but I am a regular shopper (weekly) and I hadn't yet seen this t-shirt, so I'm glad I stopped in.

They actually had 2 styles that had bikes on them, another one was white with navy and had some little red flowers on it, just for a splash of color- equally cute but I had unemployment weigh in and had to pick between the two, and this one won.
This is my kind of tee if it's going to be anything other than plain. Cute graphic, slightly longer in the sleeve (makes it more girly) and a bit longer and forgiving in the body. It's actually not a bad looking bike fact, I think I want one now. Great.

Item: Altru Bicyclette Tee
Price : $24.00 (U.S ) Dollars
Location:Urban Outfitters, Alderwood Mall, Washington (About 20 minutes from Downtown Seattle)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check out my Guns/Side Boob

Pretty basic stuff here peoples-Heather Grey Tank Top=must have for Spring.

You can get one pretty much anywhere, but I liked that this one has layering capabilities or can be worn alone.
It's one of those deep cuts on the side, so no wearing the "ugly bra" on the day you pick this and put it on.
Why not give everyone a little peek of your taste in undie garments when half of you spend so much on them?
I have this black one with little pink rosettes on it that is my only bra over $19.99, and I want to show it off.
Yes you heard me right, I will drop $800 on a pair of shoes in 2 colors, but an over $20 bra is out of control in my opinion. I'll just leave it at that.

Item: Deep Side Cute TNA Tank
Location: Aritzia-Pacific Centre

White Lightning

Not really, but I just wanted to say the words.
So the Chambray shirt that I bought over the weekend...I said I needed white skinny jeans to go with it and here they are.
The thing with White jeans is it's not like I'm going to wear them all the time. They are going to get dirty, and trashed and I'm going to end up wanting a new pair eventually. Tis my theory on stuff like this- whenever something isn't a "staple" that's where I prefer to save than to splurge. At $35.90, I don't care if I fall in mud on the way home from the bar, I'll just go get another pair!

Bonus, elastic waistband! I know, I always thought that was totally mommy wear type stuff, but as I mentioned, the Aero bars I eat for breakfast seem to want to hang around for lunch on my thighs, so it actually really helps. Man I'm getting old.
For some reason, the pocket placement on the back is also has also helped my widening bottom look less so, and that's tough in white pants. See- through factor-7/10. The trick is to wear your greenest or bluest drawers (underwear) when you are out shopping for white pants to try and see how see through they are, then you don't have to guess.

Item: Legging White Denim Jean
Price: $35.90
Location: Zara-Robson St.

Chocolate isn't the only thing the Swiss do well..

I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm pretty sure Swissology is found in more expensive spa's, but don't quote me on that.
Correct me if I'm wrong (Amber), but if I remember way back, you had some of this stuff and it was mega $$$.
Well, this is again, why I love Winners. I'm sorry, I know it's a hassle to "rummage" through stuff, but I scoped these walking through to get to the mall, we're talking within eyeshot of a hallway, no digging required.

I bought the day and the night cream. I had too, I have OCD. If you have the day, you must have the night cream. I've also never used a "night" cream but aside from fat sticking on my body in unfavorable places, my skin looks like it's fighting the almost 30 battle and is starting to give up, I think it's time to give it some help.

Item: Swissolgy Day /Night Cream
Price: $ 9.99 each
Location: Winners-Park Royal

Note-Sorry about the pic, I have no idea how to make stuff not so "shiny"...Amateur behind the lens here folks...

Back to Basics

Anyone that knows me and what they might consider to be "my style" would say that I tend to gravitate towards rather plain-ish lookin clothes. Solids, white tee's and jeans is what I gravitate towards and where I go 'nanna's is with my shoes and jewelry.
That said, I can't stress enough the importance of good basics, everyone needs them and they are harder to find then you think. Even plain white tee's can fit differently and some look better than others, the trick is finding the right ones that don't look cheap and dress up nicely.

I found this tee first in the heather gray and decided that I also needed it in white. It's really light for spring and the cut is interesting. It's slightly longer and it's not clingy, and the not quite boatneck neckline is really flattering.
The white is a little more sheer then the grey, but I actually like the look of a black or red bra under something a little sheer- Haloween isn't the only time of year you can let your inner tramp out you know? At least this way , it might be what normal people consider "tasteful".

Item: White and Heather Gray Wideneck Tee's
Price: $19.99
Location: Zara Robson St.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's my name?

Half the time I can't remember but wouldn't it be nice to be able to consult my necklace? I'm considering this an early medical alert bracelet, I like to be prepared if I fall down and don't remember who I am. I think I will inscribe "OCD Snobby midget" and that will be all the reminder I need to resume to my old natural self.

Actually, I just have a thing for dog tags, and these ones were sort of mini and cute, though I found them in the men's section?
I like how there is a little mini tag hanging off the other one, that way when I lose one, I still have one. Someone was a thinkin, you deserve a raise whoever you are.

Sorry about the picture, jewelry in general is tough to photograph, shiny flashes everywhere, it's moving..ugh.

Item: Gunmetal Twin Dogtags
Price: $10.00
Location: Aldo Accessories-Robson St.

I told you so...

Did I not? I said I was going to go back and get the little bootie version of the "back to school" loafers I got yesterday, and they just happened to have both colors in my size. So what's a girl to do? Buy both of course!

Truth be told, this style of shoe isn't the most flattering on us short gals. They hit right at your ankle which shortens our already short legs-but I don't care. So cute, so rocked out with the studs while maintaining a breathe of sophisticated air, I love them. I just feel my inner snot coming out as soon as I'm putting them on. They have little pulls at the back to help you get them on, bonus!

I almost bought the little shoes in black, but they ended up reminding me of witches shoes, insert cackle here. In short, wasn't feeling them, but you go ahead and give'er a whirl.

Item: "Depner" Leather Booties
Price: Black -$54.99, Grey-ey Beige-$59.99
Location: Aldo Granville/Aldo Robson

Note: Bought the leather protector with the beige ones, they are looking like they would take dirt on and lose every time.
They can also order your size if you go to the stores and they don't have it, free of shipping charges.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bag'em up

Not since those bags I bought at Plum back in the Fall have I been able to find more that I like.
I've realized that going to the bar with a bag the size of a backpack is not such a good idea. I love the look of clutches, but would lose my own head if it wasn't attached by my neck, so the idea of literally holding something all night is not for me.

This is like a happy medium. The bag is clutch sized, but has a chain strap long enough that I can wear it across my body, perfect for busting serious moves on the d-floor.
I think the cashew shape helps as well, it sort of "molds" to the side of your body. It has a little clasp so your crap doesn't fall out, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'd throw some t-pons in there hoping for the best, but your wallet etc should be safe.
I fell in love with the color of the pinkish one, and went back to get the steel colored one for my friend and decided I needed that one as well. It has a cute flower print on the inside and the rock-ish chain strap is nicely balanced with the cotton flowers hanging off the side. It's all about the little things and this bag delivers in the details and me loves.

Item: Cashew shaped clutch with Chain Strap.
Price: $25.99
Location: Zara Metrotown

note-You might actually have to head to Metrotown to pick this up. I tried to go to Robson to get another one for another friend and they didn't have them at that location at the time, but Metrotown had plenty.

School is now in Session

Since I decided I'm going back to school, I thought it best to get a pair of "loafers" to go with the idea. I like how I use ridiculous reasons for making purchases. I'm so glad I bought that "meet the parents" type shirt that I still haven't used since I haven't managed to meet the man yet. Typical, but at least I'm prepared, so there.

I wasn't opposed to the whole menswear inspired loafer, but I could not find a pair that I liked. I don't do the two toned-Charlie Chaplin type and I don't do shiny, so I found it challenging to jump on this particular trend. Perhaps better late then never, I finally found my perfect pair of mens-inspired with a little touch of stud-which we know by now I LOVE. They also fall in the category of not quite beige, not quite gray colored...sort of a mixture of the two. In my opinion, this is a color of shoe that goes with everything-except the rain.

I'm loving the buckle, I'm loving the tiny studs, and more importantly, loving that they were on sale, which is why I had to buy them. A girl can never pass on a good deal. They also come in black ,and a mini bootie style as well which I plan on going back out to get tomorrow-will post pictures if the crazy strikes me to buy both styles in both colors as usual. There is something about unemployment that makes me go "Ca-Ching!"

Item: "Rask" Greyish/Beigish Menswear Loafer
Price: $64.99
Location: Aldo-Robson St

Note: They always give you the discolored pair to try on, the one where one was in the window. If you get the lighter color, make sure you look at them side by side, This Aldo was the 3rd one I went too since the other ones had discolored shoes and they didn't match.

Seriously Studd-ly

To all those people who say you can't find anything cool unless you are downtown (and if you say Main St. rules, that right there puts you in hipster doofus territory with me. Please take your white belt and head out to Strathcona where the cool kids are listening to emotional music ), check out this sweet ring I got in White Rock. That's right, I said White Rock, or South Surrey for you picky people since I know you are out there.

As already mentioned, Studs are sort of popping up everywhere and this one is right on the money. I love how it looks like it's "floating" on your fingers.Even for double finger rings that are starting to pop up here and there, this one is definitely different.
I like the confused looks on people's faces when they have to turn my hand over to have it make sense to them that rings can come in more options than the usual single style ring- get with the times people!

Originally a possible gift idea, I only got one and I'm sorry to say, couldn't give it up. Won't mention who it was for but I will say sorry to you anyways, you know who you are. I owe you and hope that you understand. All I have to say is MINE.

Item: Double finger Stud Ring-Also comes in Gold and Gunmetal
Price: $42.00
Location: Crush Clothing-South Surrey (In the new area near H & M, 160th-ish and 24th)

Ex-Yay on the Chambray

Chambray shirts are EVERYWHERE. Denim looks good on everyone,and not just on the bottom anymore.I'm excited to say there is such a selection out there that it's almost impossible to choose just one, so I now have two.

Way back in November I posted about a denim shirt I found at American Eagle Outfitters. Gosh Darn it they went and did it again with this sweet little number. It's the perfect shade of an all American faded out pale blue accented with another super hot trend coming up, studs. The studs are subtle, and line the back of the shirt. For me, it's all about the little things. This shirt has a cute flower print lined stitch in it, the snappy buttons, the studs, the perfect shade of blue to go with my not so perfect shade of God knows what hair color....Perfection, me loves.

The only tricky thing is pairing it up with bottoms. I attempted to wear it right after I bought it and realized I had to head back out for a pair of white skinny jeans. It's okay with black, but it looks amazing with white, mental note if you are purchasing one of these to go through your closet in your head first, save yourself the trip. (Which I was not smart enough to do).

Yay for Chambray!

Item: Chambray Shirt w/snappy Buttons
Price: On Sale for $39.95
Location: American Eagle Outfitters-Robson St.