Friday, April 9, 2010

Grandma- Cover your Eyes.

For how much I love clothing and shopping, bra's are just not something I care too much about, period.
HOWEVER, that tank I bought the other day...the one with the loose and wide arm holes needs a worthy companion. If I'm going to have to rock/show some side boob action, they should at least be adorned properly.

This one caught my eye when I walked in. There was actually another one in a slightly deeper reddish hue, still bright as hell that I wanted more, but they didn't have my size. Super pretty but the brightness gives it some pow! I ended up buying it with the tank in mind and later bought nail polish to match. Trust me, side boob will be very in this summer, make sure yours look great!

Item: Lace no wire Bra
Price:$ 18.99
Location-Victoria's Secret-Alderwood Mall, Washington