Monday, April 5, 2010

Bag'em up

Not since those bags I bought at Plum back in the Fall have I been able to find more that I like.
I've realized that going to the bar with a bag the size of a backpack is not such a good idea. I love the look of clutches, but would lose my own head if it wasn't attached by my neck, so the idea of literally holding something all night is not for me.

This is like a happy medium. The bag is clutch sized, but has a chain strap long enough that I can wear it across my body, perfect for busting serious moves on the d-floor.
I think the cashew shape helps as well, it sort of "molds" to the side of your body. It has a little clasp so your crap doesn't fall out, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'd throw some t-pons in there hoping for the best, but your wallet etc should be safe.
I fell in love with the color of the pinkish one, and went back to get the steel colored one for my friend and decided I needed that one as well. It has a cute flower print on the inside and the rock-ish chain strap is nicely balanced with the cotton flowers hanging off the side. It's all about the little things and this bag delivers in the details and me loves.

Item: Cashew shaped clutch with Chain Strap.
Price: $25.99
Location: Zara Metrotown

note-You might actually have to head to Metrotown to pick this up. I tried to go to Robson to get another one for another friend and they didn't have them at that location at the time, but Metrotown had plenty.