Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to the Family

I told you, it was jewelry overload this last trip.
There was this cool store in Alderwood mall that seems to mesh together music and clothes nicely.
I'll be honest and say if you are a wannabe rockstar, you'd love it.

Basically just some cool stuff I picked out, no need to blab on for this grouping. Frankly I'm exhausted from all this writing and shopping, I need a break. (Only form the writing of course, never the shopping).

Item: From Left to Right-
Big Beaded Cross on Gunmetal Chain-$19.99
Black thin Rosary-$19.99
Antique Gunmetal Ring w/white portrait-$15.99
Big Gunmetal Ring with Black Stone centre-$17.99
Location: Metro Park-Alderwood Mall, Washington USA