Monday, April 5, 2010

School is now in Session

Since I decided I'm going back to school, I thought it best to get a pair of "loafers" to go with the idea. I like how I use ridiculous reasons for making purchases. I'm so glad I bought that "meet the parents" type shirt that I still haven't used since I haven't managed to meet the man yet. Typical, but at least I'm prepared, so there.

I wasn't opposed to the whole menswear inspired loafer, but I could not find a pair that I liked. I don't do the two toned-Charlie Chaplin type and I don't do shiny, so I found it challenging to jump on this particular trend. Perhaps better late then never, I finally found my perfect pair of mens-inspired with a little touch of stud-which we know by now I LOVE. They also fall in the category of not quite beige, not quite gray colored...sort of a mixture of the two. In my opinion, this is a color of shoe that goes with everything-except the rain.

I'm loving the buckle, I'm loving the tiny studs, and more importantly, loving that they were on sale, which is why I had to buy them. A girl can never pass on a good deal. They also come in black ,and a mini bootie style as well which I plan on going back out to get tomorrow-will post pictures if the crazy strikes me to buy both styles in both colors as usual. There is something about unemployment that makes me go "Ca-Ching!"

Item: "Rask" Greyish/Beigish Menswear Loafer
Price: $64.99
Location: Aldo-Robson St

Note: They always give you the discolored pair to try on, the one where one was in the window. If you get the lighter color, make sure you look at them side by side, This Aldo was the 3rd one I went too since the other ones had discolored shoes and they didn't match.