Friday, April 9, 2010

God is Everywhere These Days..

I have an obsession with Rosaries. Part of this comes from the fact that you can't usually find them. It's like men, you want one , or more then one until they are on your couch all the time and then you get sick of seeing them. I'm not quite there yet, but I always liked that I didn't see too many around. Naturally when I came across eight thousand of them on my shopping outing, it worried me slightly that every 15 year old who stole 20 bucks from mamma's purse can get one, I'll worry about that later- until then my obsession continues.

Picked these two up for a bargain at Forever 21 in the states. I thought the baubles at the U.S one were way better than the selection at our Metrotown store. Again, not knocking our Canadian doors, but why don't we get the good stuff? I was there last week and I never saw anything like these. Of course I had to buy both, I need one to hang from my rearview mirror and one to fend off Twilight fans.

Item: Rosary Necklaces
Price:$7.80 each/both colors
Location: Forever 21, Alderwood Mall, Washington