Friday, April 9, 2010

The Joc sweater.

So my best friend and I met over a mutual love of clothes,and continue to share the obsession.
The nice thing is we meet somewhere in the middle in terms of our style; there are things we each have that the other admires, and then it's like we both take a turn in a different direction. Joc goes totally preppy. She loves collared shirts, flowery cardigans, delicate jewelry etc. I go the other way and look more like a skid, rocked out and like I could use a shower. I love how we have a common ground and then we can look at eachother's choices and go "I don't get it".

There's a few things of Joc's over the years that have migrated into my closet. The jean jacket, the TFS hoody, the Kentucky tee-shirt, and it's only because I was never able to find one of my own that I kept hers. This time, I borrowed a longer grey sweater to go out one night since mine was in the wash and I knew I had to get one of my own.

Hers was old Navy. She always finds stuff there and I hate it. I always find stuff in Winners and she hates it, this is why we are good for each other. I actually found this one in Zara, and it has these cute little buttons going up the arm sleeves, a very "Joc" type detail. It's super soft and nice and long, but not too long with plain nice buttons.
Exactly what I want in a just throw it over a t-shirt type sweater, I was very very happy to find one of my own.
So Joc, You can have yours back now. See, I give stuff back-eventually.

Item: V Neck Heather Grey Button Up Sweater
Price: $39.90
Location: Zara -Robson St.