Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun Earrings

This trip seemed to be all about Jewelry for me.
I got this set of 3 rosebuds and the pair of turquoise with gold stud earrings at Forever 21 for under 10 bucks.
I posted about these little turquoise rose studs I got a while back and people still seem to love them, so here is an updated version. When things are this cheap I usually buy 2 sets since I am prone to losing earrings and unlike socks, I don't fancy wearing mismatches. This time I only bought one and I intend to keep on eye on them at all times, until of course I find my next new favorites and these end up at the bottom of a drainhole.

Item: Turquoise Hoops with Gold Stud/ Set of 3 Rosebud earrings in Dusty Rose, Ivory and Black
Price: $3.80 each (USD)
Location: Forever 21 Accessories Store, Alderwood Mall, Washington USA