Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I told you so...

Did I not? I said I was going to go back and get the little bootie version of the "back to school" loafers I got yesterday, and they just happened to have both colors in my size. So what's a girl to do? Buy both of course!

Truth be told, this style of shoe isn't the most flattering on us short gals. They hit right at your ankle which shortens our already short legs-but I don't care. So cute, so rocked out with the studs while maintaining a breathe of sophisticated air, I love them. I just feel my inner snot coming out as soon as I'm putting them on. They have little pulls at the back to help you get them on, bonus!

I almost bought the little shoes in black, but they ended up reminding me of witches shoes, insert cackle here. In short, wasn't feeling them, but you go ahead and give'er a whirl.

Item: "Depner" Leather Booties
Price: Black -$54.99, Grey-ey Beige-$59.99
Location: Aldo Granville/Aldo Robson

Note: Bought the leather protector with the beige ones, they are looking like they would take dirt on and lose every time.
They can also order your size if you go to the stores and they don't have it, free of shipping charges.