Sunday, December 27, 2009

You are what you eat.

In that case, I am a giant chicken finger.
So we've discussed before that sometimes I need a little help with my complexion to make it look like I'm surviving on more than raw hot dogs and sour cola candies. I've been using this product for a few years, and I figure it's good enough to cover up a bullet wound never mind give me an even skin tone. Miracle product title warranted with this little sucker for sure.

It's like 5 concealers in one. It's probably one of the only things I've ever bought where I actually read the info pamphlet that is included and I'm glad I did.

The green color is for redness, especially good around the nose area. Totally zaps redness around zitty kiddies too.
The lilac color is for brightening. Put it in the areas you would put a bronzer, it just sort of brightens those areas as a base before you put foundation on.
The Dark beige is for contouring. This one is probably my fav and my good friends know that my nose is not as skinny as it sometimes looks, and its this color that is doing it. Blend along the nose and under cheekbones to give you contour where you otherwise wouldn't have it. See Jennifer Lopez with and without makeup if you don't know what I'm talking about.
The light beige is for under eye circles.
The other color you can blend with any of the others to make a general concealer for any other trouble spots.

Honestly, this little disc is one of the best beauty products I've ever bought and have continued to buy for years.
I highly recommend it and even with a slightly heftier price tag than you might be used too, keep in mind it lasts for forever and you get like 5 in 1.

Item: Lise Watier Portfolio
Price: $29.99
Location: Shoppers Drug Mart

In the Jungle,the mighty jungle....

Well, more like in my living room at the moment, but they will be moving into my bedroom when they are potty trained.

Another item I find "ugly hot", like at any moment I could toss them off my balcony and shout "What was I thinking"?
They are kind of furry, but a soft and cozy furry. I'm changing the "mood" of my bedroom at a snails pace, but thought they would eventually fit in well as throw pillows on the bed. In the meantime, they are making nice on my couch and they are growing on me. The reason I buy ugly hot things? Usually when they are cheap enough that if the ugly overpowers the hot, I won't scold myself for tossing them.

Item: Faux I don't know Zebra-ish print pillows
Price:$12.99 each
Location: Superstore (Richmond location)

If you build it, he will come.

Well, actually I bought it so he would come over and build it, so I guess that doesn't really work, but I'm no good with instructions so this is when boys come in handy. A big thank you to a certain male who had the patience to build it for me, you are my hero.

I'm not a fan of Ikea furniture. Not because I don't think they offer great products at a great price, but for someone who has moved quite a bit over the last few years, has since realized their furniture does not usually make the move in one piece. Ikea is good for the here and now, when you don't have a ton to spend but need something functioning and cheap. Just hope you like the way that table looks in your living room cuz it'll fall apart the minute you try to move it.

I went searching for a bookcase. I'm not really one for knick knacks but I do have a really sweet circa late 90's type behemoth stereo system that plays my ipod that needed a place to rest, so leave me alone.

I'm not sure why but bookcases are ugly. They are like these giant boxes with shelves that I find most people fill with various forms of garbage. It's like a parade of all your personal junk on display, no thanks.

This one however has a nice beveled type edge at the top, a nice little touch, like a bookcase with a second name, it's just got a little more going on. Around the same price as some of the Ikea nonsense I came across, it offers in my opionion a much more stylish option for an otherwise boring ass piece of furniture. It has these cute little round ball legs at the front too, so cute!
Comes with those little holes at the back of the shelves too so you can put wires through it,someone was a thinkin with this one. Added bonus, I'm pretty sure it will still look like this when my castle is finally ready for me to move in and I take it with me.

Sidenote: The antlers in the pic, sweet gift from my buddy Kat up in Kimberly B.C. Kat, you done good with this one,me very much likey. She said they were from a store called the "Gilded Goat".
The big bowl on the top of the bookcase is a secret santa office present. I like it, but would like to know if it comes in an "apartment size" version?

Item: Library Bookcase
Price: $199.00
Location: Home Depot, Terminal Ave

Giddy Up.

So it's safe to say I've made my love of Cowboy boots known by now right?
Following in my own footsteps of never having enough, I've added a new pair to my collection.
These ones are different though! They are not black like the last pair, they are like a deep charcoal grey (almost black) but not black. I feel like I have to justify my purchase because I can just hear my mom's voice saying "they look exactly like all the other ones, if you want to know why you don't own a condo just open up your closet Anita....".
You know what mom, you are totally right but look at them! Please try to understand, and maybe you shouldn't be my number one fan of my little site, it's going to give you high blood pressure if you keep reading this...

I'll admit, if it wasn't for the lovely bejewls around the ankle area, I probably wouldn't have given them a second look, but they were made for me, very "almost rockstar".

Me loves. Real leather too, nice work Aldo, nice work.

Item: Dark Dark Grey/black fade Cowboy Boots with ankle jewelry.
Price :$119.00 (I believe they are on sale right now for 30% off)
Location: Aldo Robson St.


I can just stare at this for hours, partly because I could be sitting on a new couch that costs the same, but something tells me it's worth it.
I love this necklace, and hopefully no one is as stupid as me and willing to fork out the dough for neck art.
In it's defense, it's handmade be honest I can't remember what kind of stones because I wasn't listening, I was distracted by the sparkles it made in my eyes. Something about 25 artisans working on each piece, dipped in gold or silver 4 times...whatever. It's puts everything else I've ever owned to shame.
Quite simply the sickest necklace I will probably ever own.

2009 is going out with a bang. I managed to get myself employed, bought a motor vehicle and held a male's attention for a whole day.
Merry xmas to me, I so deserve it!

Item: Virgins Saints and Angels Multistrand emblem necklace.
Price: $445.00
Location:Blue Ruby, Robson St.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pretty Boring vs Boring

This isn't one of those things that is going to go down in my own hall of fame, but it's something I've been hunting down for quite a while.
A black dress is just that, a black dress. Something about it has to be interesting in order to make it so, and I like the details this one had. The fabric is like a lightweight partially sheer material which actually makes a slip underneath give it a little more zing.
The sleeves didn't photograph well, but they bell out and it gives it a nice etherial touch.
See, it really is boring and even I'm not interested enough to bother writing about it anymore, but I really do like it and it can be used for just about anything. The trick with this kind of dress is accessories and shoes, and I was thinking of a particular pair of shoes when I bought it. Brought the dress home, tried it on with the shoes, threw on a necklace and some bangles and voila, it became that much more interesting. Congratulations LBD, you can stay.

Item: Longsleeved Black Dress
Price: $56.90
Location: Zara Metrotown

Just Cuz

I'll say it again for the bazillionth time, if you like something, and I mean really like it, buy it in every color it comes in ,you and by that I mean I have never regretted it.
We're revisiting one of my older purchases from back in September, but Garage came out with new colors again, so I had to pick this one up. Already had it in a dark blue and lilac, grey always has a way of going with everything and I'm still riding my pullover vs zip up hoody train so I'm happy to add it to it's siblings. Hang well in my closet my dear, welcome home.

Item: Heather Grey Pullover Hoody
Price $29.99
Location: Garage-Metrotown

Meet the Parents

That's actually what I thought of when I bought this. I look at interview type attire in the same fashion I would look at an outfit you would wear to meet the significant others parents.I think the idea is to look polished, professional and like you know what you want, in the latter case, their son.
I saw this shirt back in the summer, tried it on and thought it was pretty sweet, but it's not really me. It's more like fake me when I attempt to look like I want to be a powerhouse woman walking down the street with my briefcase yapping on my phone because yeah, I'm just that important. Remember , it's all about projecting an image of success, whether you actually are one is neither here nor there...

I didn't buy it because at 90 bucks, I just wasn't feeling it enough. At $39, I was feeling it a little more and when I was told it was an extra 25% off that, I just wanted to feel myself in it. Mission accomplished.

Item: White Short sleeved Blouse shirt with long tie around neck
Price $39.00 plus an additional 25% off.
Location: Club Monaco Metrotown

SICK Leath

I love leather, or pleather or anything that looks and feels like it.
This jacket has a wicked collar and the color is a refreshing departure from your standard browns and blacks.
My philosophy is if you are going to experiment with trends or novelty styles and colors, do it cheaply otherwise you end up with $400 Orange Cowboy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time. 40 bucks to look like a million? Where have you been all my life Forever 21? Oh yeah, that's right , Edmonton...

They actually had a really great selection of leather jackets in a range of colors. I'm a huge fan of large collars but you can pick up anything from a purple one with a mandarin collar to your standard leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, all under 40 bucks. Effing Steal, though of course I don't condone such behavior.

Item: Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Faded Dark Blue
Price: $39.80
Location: Forever 21 Metrotown

Prettier in Pale Pink

I feel like this shirt brings out the girl I know is in me somewhere hiding behind my ubersexy potty mouth.
Aside from my fav of Cowboy Boots, dresses and Leather jackets, I'd say I don't really have a "style", it's more like I pick themes and go with them for a day. On rare occasion, I feel the need be girly. Girly to me is ruffles ,soft hair and pink lips.
I picked this one up over the weekend and bonus is it's got long sleeves, perfect for the winter wonderland weather.
I'd pair it with black jeans and a ton of jewelry, just to let my inner skid out so she doesn't suffocate.

Item: Long Sleeved Pale Pink Shirt with Buttons
Location: Zara Metrotown