Sunday, December 27, 2009

If you build it, he will come.

Well, actually I bought it so he would come over and build it, so I guess that doesn't really work, but I'm no good with instructions so this is when boys come in handy. A big thank you to a certain male who had the patience to build it for me, you are my hero.

I'm not a fan of Ikea furniture. Not because I don't think they offer great products at a great price, but for someone who has moved quite a bit over the last few years, has since realized their furniture does not usually make the move in one piece. Ikea is good for the here and now, when you don't have a ton to spend but need something functioning and cheap. Just hope you like the way that table looks in your living room cuz it'll fall apart the minute you try to move it.

I went searching for a bookcase. I'm not really one for knick knacks but I do have a really sweet circa late 90's type behemoth stereo system that plays my ipod that needed a place to rest, so leave me alone.

I'm not sure why but bookcases are ugly. They are like these giant boxes with shelves that I find most people fill with various forms of garbage. It's like a parade of all your personal junk on display, no thanks.

This one however has a nice beveled type edge at the top, a nice little touch, like a bookcase with a second name, it's just got a little more going on. Around the same price as some of the Ikea nonsense I came across, it offers in my opionion a much more stylish option for an otherwise boring ass piece of furniture. It has these cute little round ball legs at the front too, so cute!
Comes with those little holes at the back of the shelves too so you can put wires through it,someone was a thinkin with this one. Added bonus, I'm pretty sure it will still look like this when my castle is finally ready for me to move in and I take it with me.

Sidenote: The antlers in the pic, sweet gift from my buddy Kat up in Kimberly B.C. Kat, you done good with this one,me very much likey. She said they were from a store called the "Gilded Goat".
The big bowl on the top of the bookcase is a secret santa office present. I like it, but would like to know if it comes in an "apartment size" version?

Item: Library Bookcase
Price: $199.00
Location: Home Depot, Terminal Ave