Thursday, July 8, 2010

Because Fat Days never seem to go out of style

Damn, I really wish they would.
Anyways, when you are having one of those days where your mirror is not being kind to you, it's nice to have something that can be your friend. I'm going to give credit where cred is due, and that would be to American apparel for this body style (I got this there about 2 years ago in Heather grey), but Aritzia has done a nice copy job in my opinion, and unlike with a man, I am not loyal to any particular store. (Except Urban Outfitters).

It's sort of drapey, like if you get it in a size too big, there is a chance it's going to slip off your shoulder, which is a nice look if you're going for it. Me personally I went for a smaller fit since I want to wear it with skinnies when the muffin top rears it's ugly head. Super comfy and not clingy and again, available in quite a few colors.

Item: TNA Longlseeve Raglan Top
Price: $32.00 (Other colors are either $28 or $32)
Location: Aritzia, Robson St.

V Tee's

Just because they never go out of style and I wear them pretty much every day and with everything.
As per usual, the goal is to get every color possible, but when they make about 15, you have to draw the line somewhere, mine was 4. I'd put the white one in there but somehow I managed to spill on myself within the first 5 minutes of wearing it. Aside from that I'm sure you can picture the white, it's not rocket science here folks.

Usually my v necks are from American Apparel, but their wonky sizing twas I not in the mood for the other day.
I tried one on and bought the rest in the same size and they all fit, horay!

Item: V Neck TNA Tee's
Price: $18-22.00, depends on color (and they have tons).
Location: Aritzia, Pacific Centre

P.S I love you

As you may or may not have noticed, I've been on a bit of a non-shopping bender over the last couple months. Mamma has been trying to "sort my life out" and part of this entails paying for much bigger things- things you can't wear called Tuition.
That's right folks, I'm going to get schooled this September and I thought before I learn to play the starving student role (won't look good on me), I better get in some last minute must have's.

This was the first thing that caught my eye in a while and I thought I just had to have it. Usually in this type of jacket I would want a hood, but I'm digging the slightly larger collar which is a fair trade for lack of hood-ness.
Love the buttons, love the drawstring on the inside around the waist, love the way it looks, nuff said.

Item: Army Inspired light Jacket
Price: $88.00 (also comes in Grey).
Location: Urban Outfitters, Granville St.

Fundie Undies!

I'm a cotton girl and proud of it. Thongs are like a permanent wedgie, who wants one of those? Not I!
My besty has worked part time over the years at American Eagle and every birthday and Xmas, she gets me cotton undies. Usually about 4 or 5 pairs so you can imagine after 7 years of friendship, I've gathered quite the collection. I decided to try these fancier ones on account of my middle age, still not uber sexy, but steps.

So love them! I couldn't even feel them! I thought the little lace stuff would bug me but not at all. Like second skin these things are amazing, and super cute while attempting to hold up my rear end. Can't say how much I love them, or maybe I can , I bought about 17 pairs.

Item: Ultimate and Fancy Undies
Price: 5 for $15.00 (usually between $12.50-14.50 each!)
Location: American Eagle Outfitters, Robson St.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You're alright Tom.

I'd like to say I don't religiously follow trends or jump on any particular fashion bandwagon very often, but every once in a while, I have to have something even if everyone and their kid named Bella or Edward have it too.
First of all, kudos for making a difference in the world. The only thing I can do is make a difference in my bank account balance.
"Tom" as the shoes are names after donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold, so right there you can tell yourself you are being a good samaritan and helping the less fortunate while decorating your feet in some VERY comfortable footwear.

No seriously, they are ridiculously comfortable. It's a tricky business when a brand can both deliver in casual/cool factor AND be comfortable. As an added bonus, elephants on the inside of the shoe? Awwww, too cute.
Tom- you are okay in my books, keep up the good work, the good shoes and saving the world one pair of kicks at a time.

Item: "Tom's" casual deck style shoes in Army Green. (Grey and black also available).
Price: $50.00 (On sale from $55.00).
Location: Aritzia, Robson St.

Side Boob Re-visited

Back a couple months ago I got this tank from Aritzia that was really low in the armholes and I claimed I was going to wear it with my new hot pink lacey bra. Mission accomplished and I was really quite pleased with how the vision in my head turned out pretty good when I put it into "real life". You know those times where you buy something and you totally picture it with something else you own and then you get home and try it on and you want to smack yourself upside the head? To top it off, whatever it was is probably not returnable/exchangeable and now you're stuck with only the vision in your head of what it was "supposed" to look like. Anyways, moving on...

I really like the tank/cool bra combo, and I actually find this tank pretty flattering since it's forgiving at the bottom, and tight around the chest where most ladies like it. In true me fashion, felt impulsed to buy 3 more colors on account of them being a few bucks off. Aside from that I've always felt that there is no justification required when an item is less than $20.00. If you have to hum and haa over $20 bucks, you should probably hang on to that, just saying.

Item: Loose Armhole Tank (White/Heather Dark Grey/Heather Lilac)
Price:$16-20.00- depends which color you buy.
Location: Aritzia Robson st.

Romping it up.

So I have this navy cotton romper I got at Winners a few years ago, before rompers were "in". It's probably one of the most comfortable things I own, period. Like a cherished pet, that thing has gone everywhere with me. We're talking boat cruises, cabin times, Australia, not to mention I've worn it to bed a few times-truly good for everything. Everyone always likes it and asks me where I got it and sadly, it was so long ago and before rompers were all the rage, they were very hard to find and I was unable to help.
Fast forward to now where even little 16 year olds are romping around in my favorite attire, at least it makes them more available.
Now I've seen all kinds from denim to bustier styles, but I'm a fan of good old cotton. No point in making a romper sexy, it's perfect just the way it is.

Found this little guy at Aritzia, and it was on sale. (By sale I mean $5 bucks off so no hand clapping quite yet).
If you haven't noticed, heather grey is my favorite color on earth, so just felt natural that it came home with me to join it's friends found in my closet. Welcome home my new party/lounging/beach suit, the only thing better than the good ol' birthday suit.

Item: Heather Grey Romper
Price: $ 40.00 (on sale from $45.00).
Location: Aritzia, Robson St.