Thursday, July 8, 2010

V Tee's

Just because they never go out of style and I wear them pretty much every day and with everything.
As per usual, the goal is to get every color possible, but when they make about 15, you have to draw the line somewhere, mine was 4. I'd put the white one in there but somehow I managed to spill on myself within the first 5 minutes of wearing it. Aside from that I'm sure you can picture the white, it's not rocket science here folks.

Usually my v necks are from American Apparel, but their wonky sizing twas I not in the mood for the other day.
I tried one on and bought the rest in the same size and they all fit, horay!

Item: V Neck TNA Tee's
Price: $18-22.00, depends on color (and they have tons).
Location: Aritzia, Pacific Centre