Saturday, January 23, 2010

outfit Ideas

From Top to Bottom:

Grey Crewneck T-Shirt-American Apparel-$26.99

Grey Tank underneath-Express (states only)-$20.00

Orange Plaid Scarf-Zara (bought a couple years ago)-$27.00

Gold Gun Necklace Long-OBEY-was a gift-$45.00

Orange Leather Bag-Plum clothing-$69.00

Cobolt Blue Booties-Zara-$9.99

Outfit Total: $197.98

Hammer Pant's-The new Edition

So apparently as pointed out to me today, I was wearing "Harem Pants".
I viciously denied that's what they are. They are Cargo pants with skinny bottoms-end of story.
Harem pants look like a giant diaper, I don't do diapers.

I love these, totally my new loungy pants. They have a cute wasitband with 3 little bottons off the the side that make them look more like pants. They are also elastic waisted. Yay fat days won't be so painful anymore! They have elastic at the botton too which actually makes them perfect for tucking into ankle booties or high tops. I was liking them with my Nikes but since I bought those forever ago and just bought these new booties, I paired them up with the booties.

And of course, as mentioned, Zara and it's crazy sale...only $19.99!

Item: Steel/Black Harem Pants
Price : $19.99 (on sale)
Location: Zara

Outfit Ideas

From Top to Bottom:

Necklace: Merivale Staff Part 09 Dogtag: Australia only Sorry!

White Burn out 3/4 Sleeve Tee with Pocket-Urban Outfitters-$18.00

Red Lipgloss in shade "Russian Red"-MAC-$20.00

Grey Tank Underneath Tee-Express (states only)-$20.00

Black Leather Pants-Zara-$11.99

"Sancho" Cowboy Boots-Turnabout Consignment Shop-$60.00 (on the left)

Zebra Print with Red Heel hidden Platform Heels-Wittner (Australia only)-$179.99

Outfit Total:$129.99 with Cowboy Boots
$249.99 with Zebra Print Heels

Better in Leather Part Deux

I looooove leather/pleather whatever. I've wanted a pair of leather pants for a long time, especially since I had some in HIGHSCHOOL that I gave away to the thrift shop . I have missed them everyday since.
I know it's kind of walking the line of trashy, but I'm convinced you just have to do it right. These ones are tight, like leggings with zippers at the bottom. Since they naturally gravitiate towards Hoochie wear on their own accord, I think the key is to simplify everything else you wear and let them stand on their own.
If I had to pick a favorite look, this type would be it. Easy, Breezy,Beautiful-Pleather Girl.

Now for me, I like them with a plain white shirt (Heather Grey tank underneath) , Cowboy Boots and Red Lips.
Anything else is asking to be carried home over someones shoulder screaming "No means No even though I'm dressed like a tramp". Although I did toy with the idea of the Zebra print Heels with the Red heel, looks rad with the red lips, but that's strictly after hours attire you hear?

Item" Black Leather pants/Legging style
Price $11.99
Location: Zara

Note: I told you Zara was having a crazy sale, these were almost a hundred dollars original price!

Outfit Ideas

From Top to bottom:

Black/Silver Rosary Necklace-Aldo$19.99

Deep Teal Drapey Dress-Urban Outfitters-$68.00

Black Suiting Vest-Club Monaco-$60.00
(Note, I saw an identical one at Zara yesterday for 20 bucks)

"Sancho"Black Cowboy Boots: Bought at consignment shop-$60.00

Outfit Total: $207.99

Outfit Ideas

From top to Bottom:

Virgins Saints and Angels Neclace-Blue Ruby- $454.00

Silence and Noise Tweed Blazer-Urban Outfitters-$78.00

Eggplant Drapey Dress-Urban Outfitters-$68.00

Grey Cutout Knee High Socks-Urban Outfitters-$14.00

"Colonial" Platform Heels-Wittner(Australia only)- $189.99

Outfit Total: $803.99

Outfit Ideas

Shown from top to Bottom:

Rip Curl Cord Driver Blue Hat $30.00

Merivale Staff Part Dogtag Necklace(Australia)

BDG Yellow Burnout Tee-Urban Outfitters $18.00

Grey Tank underneath Tee-Express (in the states) $20.00

Steel Harem Pants-Zara (On sale) for $19.99

Cobolt Blue Ankle Booties-Zara-On sale for $9.99

Outfit total: $97.98

Dis Dress

See below for second color purchased and Write up.
Sorry, I'm lazy and I have too many other things to post about so won't blab on least not for now.
Sweet dress that I bought in two colors, Shown here is the Green one, though it's sort of more of a deep teal.
Very interesting color and while I'm not sure if it really works with my orange mop head of hair right now, loving it just the same.

Item: Deep Teal Long Sleeved Draped Dress
Price: $68.00
Location: Urban Outfitters

Sugarplum Fairy

It's not really me, like the me me that is strutting around in cowboy boots and has Jesus necklaces roped around my neck 24/7, but it's me on a me day off.
Thanks to Stacey for the suggestion of taking pics of clothes on me, to show how they look. It's hard to take pics of um, well yourself in a full body shot so I'm compromising (and growing as a person at the same time) and taking pics of some of the stuff in outfit form on the floor. Hanger appeal is what stores refer to a garment as having when something looks good hanging on the hanger. Good hanger appeal means it makes you pick it up and try it on. Nightmare hanging appeal is stuff with strings and chach-ka's hanging off it everywhere making it either fall off, or make you not want to even bother since you know you'll have to hang it back up.

Exhibit A- This dress. So cute on, but so blah on the hanger. It's got a super cute cut to the bottom. It comes down slightly on the sides and it tightens up a bit to avoid any showing of the foo foo by accident (or by drink default). It's sort of silky and I bought it in two colors as they were both equally stunning and muted at the same time. I put an outfit pic in here for you cuz on it's own, it has that too cute and "Hi I'm the preachers daughter" type thing going on and I think we can all agree, I am the farthest thing from it. In fact I'm amazed that my potty mouth hasn't poo pood it's way all over my little site.
Keepin it clean for the kiddies, one post at a time.

Item"Eggplant Drapey Long Sleeved Dress
Price $68.00
Location:Urban Outfitters

Feeling Blue?

Not in these puppies!
Zara has some crazy sale going on right now. I don't usually look at prices of stuff until after I've tried it on. Yesterday was the awesome-ist day ever. How often do you try something on, love it, look down at the price and it's 10 bucks?
I picked these up for $9.99. Ten dollars! Remember what I was saying about trends and expensive stuff...not to spend to much because you get sick of stuff that is too "out there" and before you know it,you spend 500 bucks on Orange cowboy Boots that you never end up wearing. (Yes I still regret that purchase).

These are perfect, I can wear em a few times, super cute, comfy and Dirrrrrt Cheap.Who cares that people can see me coming a mile away, that just means they have ample time to get out of the way.

Item:Cobolt Blue Ankle Booties
Location: Zara Robson St.
Price: $9.99

All the colors of the shirt rainbow

Old habits die hard. Perfect example of when you love something, buy it in every color it comes in.
I bought this light blue colored one last week, and I LOVED it so much I decided to go back and get some more.
It's just a simple 3/4 sleeve shirt with a cutesy little pocket on it, but it's just so easy to wear. The fabrication is cotton, but it's called "burnout" where there are little patches that are thinner than the rest of it, so it makes a pattern effect. So awesome cuz you can either be matchy matchy with a tonal tank underneath or for extra fun, mix it up with another color and it shows thorough just enough for some spunk. (But not the funky kind).

These shirts are under the label "BDG" which is Urban Outfitters label. I love pretty much anything that is made by them and these are no exception. The only problem I have with everything BDG is you have to try multiple sizes of the same shirt. By that , I don't mean try a medium and a large because they fit small, I mean one medium is teeny tiny and the other one will be swimming on you. Maybe it says something about quality, inconsistency wise, but I'm okay with it. At $18 bucks each or 2 for $28, who the hell cares? Just be prepared to spend some extra time in the change room, and don't let them look at you funny for bringing in 5 smalls, that just means you are prepared. Or, if they are giving you the stinkeye, just keep asking if they wouldn't mind grabbing you a small, 5 times over. Take that.

Item" 3/4 sleeve Burnout Tees with pocket detail
Location: Urban Outfitters
Price: $ 18 each or 2/$28.00
Note: Also comes in Rust, Grey and Mustard Ca-ca yellow. I figured 4 out of 7 colors wasn't bad.