Saturday, January 23, 2010

All the colors of the shirt rainbow

Old habits die hard. Perfect example of when you love something, buy it in every color it comes in.
I bought this light blue colored one last week, and I LOVED it so much I decided to go back and get some more.
It's just a simple 3/4 sleeve shirt with a cutesy little pocket on it, but it's just so easy to wear. The fabrication is cotton, but it's called "burnout" where there are little patches that are thinner than the rest of it, so it makes a pattern effect. So awesome cuz you can either be matchy matchy with a tonal tank underneath or for extra fun, mix it up with another color and it shows thorough just enough for some spunk. (But not the funky kind).

These shirts are under the label "BDG" which is Urban Outfitters label. I love pretty much anything that is made by them and these are no exception. The only problem I have with everything BDG is you have to try multiple sizes of the same shirt. By that , I don't mean try a medium and a large because they fit small, I mean one medium is teeny tiny and the other one will be swimming on you. Maybe it says something about quality, inconsistency wise, but I'm okay with it. At $18 bucks each or 2 for $28, who the hell cares? Just be prepared to spend some extra time in the change room, and don't let them look at you funny for bringing in 5 smalls, that just means you are prepared. Or, if they are giving you the stinkeye, just keep asking if they wouldn't mind grabbing you a small, 5 times over. Take that.

Item" 3/4 sleeve Burnout Tees with pocket detail
Location: Urban Outfitters
Price: $ 18 each or 2/$28.00
Note: Also comes in Rust, Grey and Mustard Ca-ca yellow. I figured 4 out of 7 colors wasn't bad.