Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sugarplum Fairy

It's not really me, like the me me that is strutting around in cowboy boots and has Jesus necklaces roped around my neck 24/7, but it's me on a me day off.
Thanks to Stacey for the suggestion of taking pics of clothes on me, to show how they look. It's hard to take pics of um, well yourself in a full body shot so I'm compromising (and growing as a person at the same time) and taking pics of some of the stuff in outfit form on the floor. Hanger appeal is what stores refer to a garment as having when something looks good hanging on the hanger. Good hanger appeal means it makes you pick it up and try it on. Nightmare hanging appeal is stuff with strings and chach-ka's hanging off it everywhere making it either fall off, or make you not want to even bother since you know you'll have to hang it back up.

Exhibit A- This dress. So cute on, but so blah on the hanger. It's got a super cute cut to the bottom. It comes down slightly on the sides and it tightens up a bit to avoid any showing of the foo foo by accident (or by drink default). It's sort of silky and I bought it in two colors as they were both equally stunning and muted at the same time. I put an outfit pic in here for you cuz on it's own, it has that too cute and "Hi I'm the preachers daughter" type thing going on and I think we can all agree, I am the farthest thing from it. In fact I'm amazed that my potty mouth hasn't poo pood it's way all over my little site.
Keepin it clean for the kiddies, one post at a time.

Item"Eggplant Drapey Long Sleeved Dress
Price $68.00
Location:Urban Outfitters