Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hammer Pant's-The new Edition

So apparently as pointed out to me today, I was wearing "Harem Pants".
I viciously denied that's what they are. They are Cargo pants with skinny bottoms-end of story.
Harem pants look like a giant diaper, I don't do diapers.

I love these, totally my new loungy pants. They have a cute wasitband with 3 little bottons off the the side that make them look more like pants. They are also elastic waisted. Yay fat days won't be so painful anymore! They have elastic at the botton too which actually makes them perfect for tucking into ankle booties or high tops. I was liking them with my Nikes but since I bought those forever ago and just bought these new booties, I paired them up with the booties.

And of course, as mentioned, Zara and it's crazy sale...only $19.99!

Item: Steel/Black Harem Pants
Price : $19.99 (on sale)
Location: Zara