Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hooray! I've been looking for a pair of cognac colored boots for what feels like forever. I ruined the pair I had in the rain a couple years ago and I have now found an exceptional replacement.
I've been a long time lover of this brand, 80/20% by Ce Ce Chin. Every short girls best friend, these boots feature a hidden wedge that gives that extra couple inches we all love.
Big fan of the general styling of this boot without going into overkill and the small heel makes it practical and wearable for everyday outings. I bought this color in the store but I found them online and ordered the gray color from Karmaloop-should be here in a couple weeks!! Will post those when they arrive, until then, I suggest you grab a pair.

Item: 80/20% "Bernie" Bootie
Price: $219.00
Location: Little Burgandy, Vancouver (Robson St)


Straight up that is what I bought- a much needed new wallet.
I've been using this turqoiuse vintage looking Guess wallet I bought at a sample sale about 8 years ago for the last year or so, but sadly it has broken due to too much moola being stuffed in it. Kidding, I just don't take care of certain things and a wallet is something that finds itself a little used and abused by the likes of me.

I did however want to find something that was in the same color family as my previous wallet. There is something nice about having a wallet that you can find at the bottom of a dark purse. This lovely wallet came in 3 colors. I bought the green for myself, the gray for my sister and left the black one in the store for all the boring people.
Super cute details on the front, it has this sort of vintage feel-in my opinion of course.
The best part about it is it has the usual coin zipper pocket on the side but it also has this zipered pouch on the top. Bonus for when you just need somewhere to shove stuff, me likey.

Item: Ecote Wallet
Price : $19.99 each
Location: Urban Outfitters,Vancouver

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm not feeling clever at the moment. Comf was all I could come up with when referring to these lovely 3/4 sleeve crew neck light sweatshirts. I've been looking for a crewneck for a while, in fact, it's something I wish was a little more "in" more of the time.
Sometimes you just don't want the hood you know?

I love that these are casual and comfortable and in this case, short enough that they look good layered or they can showcase a great belt choice with a pair of jeans. They are light enough that they just give you that extra bit of warmth when required without being bulky. Also very much love the wider waistband at the bottom and the cuffs, just a little something "oomph" on an otherwise plain article of clothing. I loved the grey one so much I bought two just in case something ever happend to one of them. Something meaning a few too many Malibu soda's or a sketchy coatcheck. Always good to have a back-up of your faves...just saying...

Item: Aerie 3/4 Sleeve Heather Grey and Navy Crewneck Sweatshirts. (Also avail. in a darker heather grey).
Price: $34.50
Location: American Eagle Outfitters, Robson St Location

Studdy Buddy

Continuing with my love of studs-enter my new small bag. Notice I did not use the word "purse". My grandmother owns "purses", I own bags, nuff said.

This color reminded me of the bag I got at Zara a few months back with those cute flowers hanging off the sides with the metal chain. At first I thought it would be the darker grey one that I would favor but I've actually favored the one that was this color, and it's getting a little trashed to be honest. Enter it's new replacement. Same dusty rose color that I adore and it has wicked little silver studs all over the front. It's big enough that you can jam most of your crap in but it helps me realize what I actually need to go out with and keeps me from bringing the kitchen sink out with me.

Huge fan of the chain link strap and hey, it was cheap, so can't say I really care if it doesn't last forever.
Again, bought it a while ago (Sorry, been super super lazy with posting) but I checked yesterday and they still have it in this color,as well as black and white with studs, so there is a color to suit everyone!

Item: Dusty Rose Studded Bag
Price: $19.95
Location: H & M, White Rock Location

Come One, Come All

Here is me at my best, the whole "I'll take that in every color it comes in thanks..".
Truthfully, there are actually a few more colors to choose from, I just prefer to keep it basic so I can overdose on accessories.
For me, I don't like spaghetti strap style tank tops. My boobs are too big and I look like an idiot wearing them. I find the same thing happens that does with "bigger" bras, you still want something cute but that offers a bit more coverage.

I loved that these ones are slightly flared out at the bottom, but not too much so that they lose their shape. The neck is high enough that your boobies aren't pooping all over the place but you still look like a woman. I also found them to be super soft and they came in so many colors!
I bought mine in the middle of July so I went back just to make sure they still had them since I didn't post them at the time, and they do, and there is even new colors since then AND they were buy one get one 50% off when I checked yesterday.
Selection is huge, tons of solid colors and stripe option as well. Just remember that these are "Aerie", which is an area in American Eagle Outfitters that only Metrotown and Robson st. have in their stores, so if you want one, you have to go to one of those locations.

Item:Aerie Tank, Solid and Striped
Price: $24.50 each, currently Buy one Get one 50% off.
Location: American Eagle Outfitters, Robson St. Vancouver

Batter Up!

Oh my god I love so much Baseball style 3/4 length raglan shirts. If you don't know what raglan shirt is, look at the pic, that is a raglan shirt. This style is always used for concert tee-shirts, and as much as I love certain bands, I don't usually like the shirts. I do however have a Gorillaz one that I got years ago that has since become my bedtime shirt since it lost a battle in the washing machine and turned a very strange shade of brown...
Anyways, love this one so much! It's actually sort of transparent, so I'd suggest wearing a tank underneath or of course if the lighting allows, go with just a bra. It's thin and the little pocket on the front just makes it extra cute. I am in love with anything grey so I went for this color combo but they also had Grey with Blue sleeves and Grey with Pinky-Purpley Sleeves. Me loves.

Item: Raglan 3/4 length shirt
Price: $24.50
Location: American Eagle Outfitters, Robson St. Vancouver


I love hats, always have. I'll admit it, I'm a fan of the whole lid turned up circa early 1990's Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style, my grandma however, is not. I think she would say " You look like what kind of, Hoodlum". Granted, wearing the brim turned up does lend itself to judgements from the older crowd, but for me, I just dig the way it looks, and it doesn't interfere as much with my hair and make up. Needless to say you can still rock a baseball hat as it should be, just don't throw it on backwards or my grandma will think you are the one that robbed her 20 years ago.

I must mention that the herringbone hat that I picked up is almost exactly the same as one I've already owned for years. The only difference is this one is brown mesh and the other was black and grey with mesh. Never have I had so many offers from people to buy an article of clothing or an aaccessory as much as the grey and black mesh hat. Dudes, chicks, people seem to dig it. Sadly, it is was never and will never be for sale, but I couldn't believe it when I found this one that is literally identical to the one I have, only missing the Triple Five Soul barcode label. So, anyone that ever wanted that hat, now you can go get your own and get this, they were both only 5 bucks each! Score!!

That day was a good day. I'm saying "that day" because I bought them near the end of July. I was moving and honestly, have just been too lazy to post but I checked the other day and they still had some. Go get'em Tigers!

Item: White and Brown Herringbone Mesh back Trucker Hats
Price: $5.00
Location: Bang On, Guilford Mall. (Other Locations include Robson St, Davie St etc, look online for a location nearest you).