Saturday, August 28, 2010

Batter Up!

Oh my god I love so much Baseball style 3/4 length raglan shirts. If you don't know what raglan shirt is, look at the pic, that is a raglan shirt. This style is always used for concert tee-shirts, and as much as I love certain bands, I don't usually like the shirts. I do however have a Gorillaz one that I got years ago that has since become my bedtime shirt since it lost a battle in the washing machine and turned a very strange shade of brown...
Anyways, love this one so much! It's actually sort of transparent, so I'd suggest wearing a tank underneath or of course if the lighting allows, go with just a bra. It's thin and the little pocket on the front just makes it extra cute. I am in love with anything grey so I went for this color combo but they also had Grey with Blue sleeves and Grey with Pinky-Purpley Sleeves. Me loves.

Item: Raglan 3/4 length shirt
Price: $24.50
Location: American Eagle Outfitters, Robson St. Vancouver