Thursday, November 12, 2009

I wish Please God!

I'd imagine this will be my first splurge when I regain my spending momentum.
I've been eyeing this rosary necklace at Blue Ruby for a couple months. Pictured here with the blackish cross and bluish beading, the one I've seen in the store has turquoise beads/gold necklace and a weird colored cross. I'm not so much in love with God as I am the idea of him on a necklace.

Must use restraint, but if you are not bound by such limitations, one of the finest pieces of work I've seen in a while and worth every penny. (All 28, 500 of them). Can also be considered a great gift idea, and by that, I mean a gift for me ; )

So in love....

Item: Virgins Saints and Angles Rosary Necklace
Price: $285.00
Location: Blue Ruby Robson St.

Golden Girl

God knows my healthy glow is not from stocking up on leafy greens and fruits. I am a walking toxic dump. I'm surprised I'm not green half the time never mind the fact that in addition to my terrible eating habits, I never drink water. What can I say, it doesn't taste like anything.

I've been relying on this blush from Mac for as long as I can remember. I love that kind of glowy/dewy look as opposed to a "bronzed look". It's one thing to look sun kissed, and its another to look like the sun straight up beat you upside the face.
I find bronzers tricky, and ultimately have decided to stay away from them. This shade is great on it's own or layer it on top of your pinks and peaches to add a golden hue to the end result.

It's not shiny, it's not frosty, and sure as f*#k ain't orange. Ding Ding Ding Folks, we have a winner.

Item: Mac Blush in "Honor"
Price: $22.00
Location: Mac Robson. Check online for a location near you.


Unemployment is a slippery slope. Today I fell. Right into this lovely boyfriend blazer.
It's not my fault. I went to print resumes and it was on the way back. Well not really but it's a blazer, technically professional attire. They say you must dress for success and surely I can at least look the part in this no?

I like this one better than a few others I've seen. There is no button which is great since I usually find that something as small as a button can throw an outfit off. If it's silver, you can't wear gold etc. I opted for a style in a tweedish type material instead of the more suited one I tried on first. Even in this style,there were two very similar colors. It takes me 20 minutes to pick a tomato, so after a 30 minute hurdle of trying to make a choice, I went with this one. These are the obstacles unemployment makes me face, the old me would have just bought both and been done with it.

Item: Silence and Noise Boyfriend Blazer
Price: $88.00
Location: Urban Outiffters, Granville St.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh the agony

I must apologize. Sadly my lack of posts comes from a lack of funds rather than a lack of interest in spending money and posting mumbo jumbo about it. Mammasita Anita has imposed my own leash accordingly in order to comply with this thing I signed called a lease and the agreement to pay it every month. So , unless anyone wants to know where to rent an expensive apartment in the gayest neighborhood in town ( Perfect place for a single woman approaching the thirties by the way), posts have been suspended until I can get the employment issue resolved.
Not to worry my fine friends, upon a first pay cheque of any amount there will be a celebration of a return to life in which I promise to spend approximately 75% of it on items I don't need whatsoever, but simply just must have. And after all the buildup of this non-shopping nonsense, it will undoubtedly be of astronomical proportions. This is like those facebook pictures where there are cartoon characters and you tag your friends as "The cute one", or "The drunk chick"...except I'd get "The broke ass bi$&h".

Stay tuned as I will of course, blow my wad eventually. I hope that you will join me again when I do.
Mwuah ; )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Seek and you shall find

I had this pic of Vanessa Hudgens in a denim shirt from the summer and I was obsessed with finding one similar. While the summer might be over, my quest was not.
I finally found one that lives up to the expectations. I thought putting it on it would be like a magic cape and I'd turn around and have long flowing healthy hair,a glowing skin tone and a boyfriend prettier than me like Vanessa.
I got the shirt, I'm still waiting for the other stuff.

Bonus-Snappy Buttons!

Item: Light Denim shirt
Price $49.50
Location: American Eagle Outfitters Pacific Centre, look up online for a location near you.

Get Buck in here part deux

Before I bought my jewelry cabinet, I had a hard time finding ways to store my growing collection of neck and ear decor.
I found these antler hooks at Urban Outfitters during my antler and branch craze. I didn't realize what they would be good for, they were just something antler and I had to have them.
Even though I have everything nicely stored in little compartments, I still keep my longer necklaces on the antlers. A lot of my friends ask where I bought them and I feel bad when I say it was so long ago and that they don't sell them anymore.
HOWEVER, I always keep my eyes open, and I found these other branch/antler hybrid hooks over the weekend.
My mom informed me that I need a job more than I needed more antler hooks, so I didn't buy them, but thought I could pass along where you could find something similar if you're digging the antler/branch thing like I do.
I found this version with the two hooks at Paboom on 4th, but worth mentioning, if you want more of them, Front and Company on Main street has the same version as the one in the photo, but I think it has about 5 actual hook pieces on it.

Item: Antler hooks-Silver
Price: $24.95 for 2 hooks/$35.95 for 5 hooks
Location: 2 hook -Paboom 1955 West 4th
5 hook-(Not pictured) Front and Company 3772 Main St.


Sometimes I buy stupid things just because they are cute. See frog shaped coasters I now hide from view of my 30 year old friends.
This was actually a cute and useful item.
I used to live in a really old building in South Granville. Bonus- it was an old building and HUGE. Downfall was everything in it was old, including the tub. Somewhere along the way we lost the drain stop for the bathtub. In a house of 3 girls, baths are a regular occurrence. For a while, I tried using the plastic lid from my shaving cream. That was interesting, holding it down with my toes the whole time made for a slightly less relaxing bath. I tried to buy one from Home depot, Canadian tire, but because it was so old, none of them fit. I found this one at Paboom on West 4th . They don't sell them anymore, but I went looking for them somewhere else in case you have the same problem. I found them just down the street at Now & Then on 4th.
Super cute and it works, yay! Comes in variety of colors, I just picked this one cuz it matched my hair.

(Also a good alternative if you have the metal stopper thing but the handle or chain has ripped off).

Item: Drain Stopper for Bathtub
Price: $7.95
Location: Now & Then 1986 West 4th.

AIILOL-As in I laughed out loud.

Not even possibly, these are the cutest cards I have EVER seen.
I came across these when I was doing some buying a few years ago and I've never forgotten them.
Quite Simply, perfection in a card for any occasion. Couldn't write them better myself .They are smart , witty and adorable. Too bad they don't come in the form of a man.
One of my faves? A cute light bluish colored one that has a solitary figure on the front with some tissues.
The front : "Sorry to hear about your breakup"
Inside:"But if it helps , I always thought he was an asshole anyway. In fact, we used to make fun of you for dating him."

I'm posting a few of my faves, but check the website to get the full idea of all the cards available. I'm posting the closest Vancouver Location, but they are sold all over Canada, just check the "Where to buy" section of the website and see if there is a store near you.A refreshingly honest,sometimes brutal, always sarcastic,but never the less very caring card.

Item: Bald Guy Greeting Card
Price $4.99
Location: Moule West 4th/Park Royal Vancouver. Check website above for other locations if you are outside Vancouver, they are available!