Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Buck in here part deux

Before I bought my jewelry cabinet, I had a hard time finding ways to store my growing collection of neck and ear decor.
I found these antler hooks at Urban Outfitters during my antler and branch craze. I didn't realize what they would be good for, they were just something antler and I had to have them.
Even though I have everything nicely stored in little compartments, I still keep my longer necklaces on the antlers. A lot of my friends ask where I bought them and I feel bad when I say it was so long ago and that they don't sell them anymore.
HOWEVER, I always keep my eyes open, and I found these other branch/antler hybrid hooks over the weekend.
My mom informed me that I need a job more than I needed more antler hooks, so I didn't buy them, but thought I could pass along where you could find something similar if you're digging the antler/branch thing like I do.
I found this version with the two hooks at Paboom on 4th, but worth mentioning, if you want more of them, Front and Company on Main street has the same version as the one in the photo, but I think it has about 5 actual hook pieces on it.

Item: Antler hooks-Silver
Price: $24.95 for 2 hooks/$35.95 for 5 hooks
Location: 2 hook -Paboom 1955 West 4th
5 hook-(Not pictured) Front and Company 3772 Main St.