Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh the agony

I must apologize. Sadly my lack of posts comes from a lack of funds rather than a lack of interest in spending money and posting mumbo jumbo about it. Mammasita Anita has imposed my own leash accordingly in order to comply with this thing I signed called a lease and the agreement to pay it every month. So , unless anyone wants to know where to rent an expensive apartment in the gayest neighborhood in town ( Perfect place for a single woman approaching the thirties by the way), posts have been suspended until I can get the employment issue resolved.
Not to worry my fine friends, upon a first pay cheque of any amount there will be a celebration of a return to life in which I promise to spend approximately 75% of it on items I don't need whatsoever, but simply just must have. And after all the buildup of this non-shopping nonsense, it will undoubtedly be of astronomical proportions. This is like those facebook pictures where there are cartoon characters and you tag your friends as "The cute one", or "The drunk chick"...except I'd get "The broke ass bi$&h".

Stay tuned as I will of course, blow my wad eventually. I hope that you will join me again when I do.
Mwuah ; )