Thursday, November 12, 2009


Unemployment is a slippery slope. Today I fell. Right into this lovely boyfriend blazer.
It's not my fault. I went to print resumes and it was on the way back. Well not really but it's a blazer, technically professional attire. They say you must dress for success and surely I can at least look the part in this no?

I like this one better than a few others I've seen. There is no button which is great since I usually find that something as small as a button can throw an outfit off. If it's silver, you can't wear gold etc. I opted for a style in a tweedish type material instead of the more suited one I tried on first. Even in this style,there were two very similar colors. It takes me 20 minutes to pick a tomato, so after a 30 minute hurdle of trying to make a choice, I went with this one. These are the obstacles unemployment makes me face, the old me would have just bought both and been done with it.

Item: Silence and Noise Boyfriend Blazer
Price: $88.00
Location: Urban Outiffters, Granville St.