Thursday, November 12, 2009

I wish Please God!

I'd imagine this will be my first splurge when I regain my spending momentum.
I've been eyeing this rosary necklace at Blue Ruby for a couple months. Pictured here with the blackish cross and bluish beading, the one I've seen in the store has turquoise beads/gold necklace and a weird colored cross. I'm not so much in love with God as I am the idea of him on a necklace.

Must use restraint, but if you are not bound by such limitations, one of the finest pieces of work I've seen in a while and worth every penny. (All 28, 500 of them). Can also be considered a great gift idea, and by that, I mean a gift for me ; )

So in love....

Item: Virgins Saints and Angles Rosary Necklace
Price: $285.00
Location: Blue Ruby Robson St.