Monday, November 2, 2009


Sometimes I buy stupid things just because they are cute. See frog shaped coasters I now hide from view of my 30 year old friends.
This was actually a cute and useful item.
I used to live in a really old building in South Granville. Bonus- it was an old building and HUGE. Downfall was everything in it was old, including the tub. Somewhere along the way we lost the drain stop for the bathtub. In a house of 3 girls, baths are a regular occurrence. For a while, I tried using the plastic lid from my shaving cream. That was interesting, holding it down with my toes the whole time made for a slightly less relaxing bath. I tried to buy one from Home depot, Canadian tire, but because it was so old, none of them fit. I found this one at Paboom on West 4th . They don't sell them anymore, but I went looking for them somewhere else in case you have the same problem. I found them just down the street at Now & Then on 4th.
Super cute and it works, yay! Comes in variety of colors, I just picked this one cuz it matched my hair.

(Also a good alternative if you have the metal stopper thing but the handle or chain has ripped off).

Item: Drain Stopper for Bathtub
Price: $7.95
Location: Now & Then 1986 West 4th.