Monday, February 15, 2010

My new Studmuffins

You know what I love? Finding something you like , but in another version, version just as cute.0.
One of my all time fav's has a little sister!
Check this link for a reminder:

Once again and I'm sure not for the last time, Winners has made me happy. I've also realized that I love Dollhouse Shoes. Not sure why but I always pick them up and I always like them and they are usually Dollhouse. These guys came in 3 colors, Red, Yellow and Black. I chose the black ones because the other colors clashed with my hairdo, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of red unless it's on my lips or nails.I keep wearing these little ballet flats I wore for "interviews" and I'm realizing they are quite practical, but mine were a little too cutesy for my usual attire of choice. These are purrrrr-fect, love em and I have the higher version for when I'm feeling a little flashy. Keep in mind, these are not polkadots (as some of you thought the ones on the heels were), they are silver studs.

For anyone who keeps saying you can't "find anything at Winners", here's proof that if you can, and why it's worth it.

Item: Dollhouse Silver Studded Ballet Flats
Price: $24.99
Location: Winners/Homesense-Cambie St/8th Ave Location

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ring around all my Rosaries

Yay! I found another one!
I don't have a rosary with a gold cross yet, so I'm STOKED. This one has some little bobbles around it too, like a little medallion and mini cross, nice. It's also made with crystal colored beads, which means it goes with everything.

I dont have to say too much, everyone knows if it's a rosary, I'll buy it, even if it sucks.
(But this one doesn't).

Item: Crystal beaded with Gold cross Rosary Necklace
Price:$ 15.00
Location: Aldo-Richmond Centre

Monday, February 8, 2010

Before and After

So, just for the fun of it, to humor myself that I dramatically changed my room by changing a duvet cover and lamps, I'm giving you the before and after pics. I get a lot of "where did you get those" for the pictures above my bed. I have 5 in total, and they are all shots by the same photographer and I love that they are sort of "raised" out within the frame. I just find them different and quite lovely indeed. I bought them at Urban Barn about 3 years ago and they were $75.00 each. I saw them in the Granville location when I got back from Australia and while those exact ones might not be there anymore, they have similar type stuff where they come in groups and you can buy one, two or a few.
I wish I could paint my walls but in the meantime, everything now matches and my little O.C.D matchy matchy compulsion can take a load off, until I decide that Bile yellow is the color of the moment.

Before Picture is up top, after is below with the new lamps and duvet cover.

A Nice Grey Area

So the biggest thing that had to go aside from the lamps was my duvet cover.
My old room was sort of in the "beige" family of color choices,and it has since migrated to more in the range of dark brown, white and silver (The silver on account of moving some artwork into my bedroom from the living area).
Something just wasn't working, and on Saturday I decided the beige duvet cover was the pink elephant in the room, and it had bad gas-and had to go. Finding a grey duvet cover was difficult, as is finding a grey couch, but I got one,and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The beige one I had on my bed was from Urban Barn, sort of a cotton stripe mixed with a satin stripe. Very subtle, and I always found it sort of "elegant". I was able to find the exact same one in a very neutral grey color with silver undertones,and it wasn't nearly as much as the one from Urban Barn Cost. Score.
Keep in mind, the walls need paint and I'm changing my accent color to a deep purple (I think), but that's next weekend.
Baby Steps here folks, baby steps.

Item: Pharaoh Queen Size Duvet Cover with Zip Enclosure.
Item: Pharaoh Standard Size Pillowcase
Price:$ 64.99 (on sale) for Duvet Cover
$ 16.99 (on sale) for 2 Pillowcases
Location: Quilts Etc, Richmond Centre

Let there be White Light

I decided last week I no longer cared for my bedroom decor. It's like it's halfway from where I wanted it to be.
Lately I've been obsessed with what I like to call "Victorian" style. To me, it's a mixture of sort of French looking stuff that either is an antique, or looks like it could be. I'm posting pics above this post of the "after" view of how and why I changed the lamps in my room. It's also a way to purge the "Ikeaness" from my bedroom. These were sort of a nice neutral style that like a great pair of jeans, can be dressed up or down. I liked the crystal stem too, its got an interesting shape to it, it's like it was plucked from Supermans lair or something, I dig it. The only thing I don't love is that unlike my Ikea lamps, the light it gives off is quite white, but that's a result of the shade and something I'll just have to adjust too.
Nothing beats a soft yellow light, it's like a view with beer goggles on, everything just looks that much nicer, except I think when I wake up in the morning and look at them , I won't be muttering "Oh my God what was I thinking....".

Item: Glass Crystal Stem Lamps with White Shade
Price: $ 39.99 each (on sale)
Location: Homesense Coquitlam

Kitchen Accessories

I don't cook much, like we're talking 3 minute Mr.Noodles take too long if you ask me. By the time I'm done chopping, washing, cutting and "simmering" ,chances are I've already eaten a bag of chips and a granola bar. So lately I've been attempting to expand my horizons but I was finding that I was lacking the tools of the trade. Yay, another excuse to buy stuff!
I find most kitchen stuff ugly, but I found these cute little kitchen gadgets or whatever you call them and I thought they looked fun. I was with my besty who said she actually bought this brand as a wedding gift for her friend that got married, and it wasn't cheap. Now see this is why I like Homesense, cute stuff and it doesn't break the bank. Who knows, these tools might just save my life considering most of the things I've eaten over the last few years went into a machine and came out in a tube.

Item: Mario Batali Kitchen "Stuff"
Price: $4.99 to $8.99
Location: Homesense Coquitlam

A is for ANITA

I saw this little letter a while back but it was purple, and I wasn't feeling the color, but I loved the "font".
I also couldn't decide what to do with it, until I saw it in white.
I'm going to use it as a bookend. It has wall hooks, but I'm not one to wear a nameplate ring or necklace, but I might change my mind down the road and hang it up. Might come in useful when I'm wearing a diaper and need a hint to remember my own name.
Getting old might not be fun but accessorizing it might be.

Item: Scripture Letter Initial "A" (Comes in all letters of the alphabet)
Price: $7.99
Location: Homesense-Coquitlam Location

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now go buy your own.

Forgive me for the lack of excitement, I know these aren't the find of the year, but it's probably one of my most worn items over the last 2 years.
When Urban Outfitters opened up in Van a couple years ago, I went apes%&t. I LOVE that store. Not because it's kitchy, and scene-sterish suited, it honestly just has cool stuff available, no matter how you put it together.
They had a table with these V neck t-shirts in almost every color you could think of. I bought a white one. The girl at the cash told me I could get 2 for $28.00 instead of 1 for $18.00, so I went back and got another white one. Keep in mind that I am so a white t shirt and jeans kinda girl. It's probably my favorite everyday outfit, my weekend going out gear,and perfectly suitable for Sundays where mustering up the effort to get out of bed is about all I expend never mind attempting to look presentable.
Casual and Cool, with the right necklace or hat, nothing beats a great plain tee.
So yes, you can pretty much buy a white tee anywhere, but these are better, or at least I think so.
Cheap and Cheerful-Check
Just a little see through so you can wear a black bra underneath and not look like a tramp-Check
Look better with age-Check

I ended up buying a total of 8 white tee-shirts,and wore the hell out of all of them, brought all 8 with me to Australia, 7 made it back. They finally brought them back to Urban Outfitters and they were displayed on a nice little round table like a rainbow.

Item: BDG Plain V-Neck T-Shirt in White/Lt Bright Blue
Price: $18 each or 2/$28.00
Location: Urban Outfitters, Granville Street

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Burn out-in a fashionable way.

Last week I posted about some 3/4 length tops that had this burnout effect on them. This tee is the same,and me loves it.
It comes in a lot of colors, I went with the bright yellow since it was one of the only colors I didn't have in the longer sleeve version. Again, these are the choices unemployment makes me face, under usual circumstances I'd buy both styles in every color even though the only difference is a few inches in the sleeve length.

Whatever, I guess this is how I'm learning "restraint".

Item: BDG Burnout V Neck T-shirt
Price $18.00 or 2/$28.00
Location:Urban Outfitters Granville St.

I think my Best Friend is Pissed at me....

So I'm showing my besty what I bought the other day, and I show her these grey Corduroy pants.
For a minute, I thought she was made because I had bought the same ones she had gotten a couple months ago, but I soon realized she was actually mad because mine cost $11.99, and hers were around $300. Bottom line-she couldn't tell the difference. They felt the same, looked the same, and are both a "skinny" style. I think mine are a little stretchier than hers though, even better.(Sorry Buddy).

The pockets sit low on the bum, so it feels kind of weird at first, like you want to hike them up, but you just need to get used to the feel of the lowered pockets. For me, I feel like it makes my bum bum look smaller so I'm happy to adjust. Lucked out with these too in the way that I can get away without hemming them, which is a small victory for short people.
On sale for $11.99, I could care less if I wear them once and leave them somewhere, but they are good for fat days so I think I will keep an eye on them.

Item: Cord Pants in Blue and Grey
Price:$11.99 (on sale from $70)
Location: Zara

For my Shorty's

Me loves when I can go out, buy a pair of pants and they fit perfectly. Those of you ladies who are blessed with a height above 5"2 and long legs will not understand this. When I try pants on, I can never actually see what they will look like because I have to stand on my tippytoes and roll up the bottoms to the point where what is supposed to be the knee is down near my ankles. If you are having a hard time understanding this, take for example the time I bought "bell bottom" jeans. When I had them hemmed, the "bell" was completely cut off and I was left with a warped straight leg jean. Glad I payed 200 for the jeans and 20 for the hem,they look really great on my shelf.

Getting back to the pants at hand; these are rad for the reason I speak of. I put them on, no tippy toe standing, no rolling and bunching and attempting to imagine what they might look like if I get the extra 3-6 inches cut off the bottom. They fit PERFECTLY. They are actually meant for that trend that is happening right now for skinny jeans being meant to hit at the ankle, even for the tall gals. The fact that they are super stretchy, high waisted and void of annoying embellishments might make them my pants of the year. I bought them in black, but it was actually because they didn't have my size in a blue denim wash. I'm going back to get the dark rinse color, so for any of you that want them, please leave me the size 28. Thanks.

Item:BDG Ankle Grazer Cigarette
Price: $69.00
Location: Urban Outfitters

Note: If you are short (like me) both Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch make all their denim in 3 lengths. (S, R , L )
The "S" stands for "short", which means they will fit you without having to be hemmed right off the rack.