Monday, February 8, 2010

Before and After

So, just for the fun of it, to humor myself that I dramatically changed my room by changing a duvet cover and lamps, I'm giving you the before and after pics. I get a lot of "where did you get those" for the pictures above my bed. I have 5 in total, and they are all shots by the same photographer and I love that they are sort of "raised" out within the frame. I just find them different and quite lovely indeed. I bought them at Urban Barn about 3 years ago and they were $75.00 each. I saw them in the Granville location when I got back from Australia and while those exact ones might not be there anymore, they have similar type stuff where they come in groups and you can buy one, two or a few.
I wish I could paint my walls but in the meantime, everything now matches and my little O.C.D matchy matchy compulsion can take a load off, until I decide that Bile yellow is the color of the moment.

Before Picture is up top, after is below with the new lamps and duvet cover.