Thursday, February 4, 2010

I think my Best Friend is Pissed at me....

So I'm showing my besty what I bought the other day, and I show her these grey Corduroy pants.
For a minute, I thought she was made because I had bought the same ones she had gotten a couple months ago, but I soon realized she was actually mad because mine cost $11.99, and hers were around $300. Bottom line-she couldn't tell the difference. They felt the same, looked the same, and are both a "skinny" style. I think mine are a little stretchier than hers though, even better.(Sorry Buddy).

The pockets sit low on the bum, so it feels kind of weird at first, like you want to hike them up, but you just need to get used to the feel of the lowered pockets. For me, I feel like it makes my bum bum look smaller so I'm happy to adjust. Lucked out with these too in the way that I can get away without hemming them, which is a small victory for short people.
On sale for $11.99, I could care less if I wear them once and leave them somewhere, but they are good for fat days so I think I will keep an eye on them.

Item: Cord Pants in Blue and Grey
Price:$11.99 (on sale from $70)
Location: Zara