Friday, February 5, 2010

Now go buy your own.

Forgive me for the lack of excitement, I know these aren't the find of the year, but it's probably one of my most worn items over the last 2 years.
When Urban Outfitters opened up in Van a couple years ago, I went apes%&t. I LOVE that store. Not because it's kitchy, and scene-sterish suited, it honestly just has cool stuff available, no matter how you put it together.
They had a table with these V neck t-shirts in almost every color you could think of. I bought a white one. The girl at the cash told me I could get 2 for $28.00 instead of 1 for $18.00, so I went back and got another white one. Keep in mind that I am so a white t shirt and jeans kinda girl. It's probably my favorite everyday outfit, my weekend going out gear,and perfectly suitable for Sundays where mustering up the effort to get out of bed is about all I expend never mind attempting to look presentable.
Casual and Cool, with the right necklace or hat, nothing beats a great plain tee.
So yes, you can pretty much buy a white tee anywhere, but these are better, or at least I think so.
Cheap and Cheerful-Check
Just a little see through so you can wear a black bra underneath and not look like a tramp-Check
Look better with age-Check

I ended up buying a total of 8 white tee-shirts,and wore the hell out of all of them, brought all 8 with me to Australia, 7 made it back. They finally brought them back to Urban Outfitters and they were displayed on a nice little round table like a rainbow.

Item: BDG Plain V-Neck T-Shirt in White/Lt Bright Blue
Price: $18 each or 2/$28.00
Location: Urban Outfitters, Granville Street