Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Accessories

I don't cook much, like we're talking 3 minute Mr.Noodles take too long if you ask me. By the time I'm done chopping, washing, cutting and "simmering" ,chances are I've already eaten a bag of chips and a granola bar. So lately I've been attempting to expand my horizons but I was finding that I was lacking the tools of the trade. Yay, another excuse to buy stuff!
I find most kitchen stuff ugly, but I found these cute little kitchen gadgets or whatever you call them and I thought they looked fun. I was with my besty who said she actually bought this brand as a wedding gift for her friend that got married, and it wasn't cheap. Now see this is why I like Homesense, cute stuff and it doesn't break the bank. Who knows, these tools might just save my life considering most of the things I've eaten over the last few years went into a machine and came out in a tube.

Item: Mario Batali Kitchen "Stuff"
Price: $4.99 to $8.99
Location: Homesense Coquitlam