Thursday, February 4, 2010

For my Shorty's

Me loves when I can go out, buy a pair of pants and they fit perfectly. Those of you ladies who are blessed with a height above 5"2 and long legs will not understand this. When I try pants on, I can never actually see what they will look like because I have to stand on my tippytoes and roll up the bottoms to the point where what is supposed to be the knee is down near my ankles. If you are having a hard time understanding this, take for example the time I bought "bell bottom" jeans. When I had them hemmed, the "bell" was completely cut off and I was left with a warped straight leg jean. Glad I payed 200 for the jeans and 20 for the hem,they look really great on my shelf.

Getting back to the pants at hand; these are rad for the reason I speak of. I put them on, no tippy toe standing, no rolling and bunching and attempting to imagine what they might look like if I get the extra 3-6 inches cut off the bottom. They fit PERFECTLY. They are actually meant for that trend that is happening right now for skinny jeans being meant to hit at the ankle, even for the tall gals. The fact that they are super stretchy, high waisted and void of annoying embellishments might make them my pants of the year. I bought them in black, but it was actually because they didn't have my size in a blue denim wash. I'm going back to get the dark rinse color, so for any of you that want them, please leave me the size 28. Thanks.

Item:BDG Ankle Grazer Cigarette
Price: $69.00
Location: Urban Outfitters

Note: If you are short (like me) both Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch make all their denim in 3 lengths. (S, R , L )
The "S" stands for "short", which means they will fit you without having to be hemmed right off the rack.