Monday, February 15, 2010

My new Studmuffins

You know what I love? Finding something you like , but in another version, version just as cute.0.
One of my all time fav's has a little sister!
Check this link for a reminder:

Once again and I'm sure not for the last time, Winners has made me happy. I've also realized that I love Dollhouse Shoes. Not sure why but I always pick them up and I always like them and they are usually Dollhouse. These guys came in 3 colors, Red, Yellow and Black. I chose the black ones because the other colors clashed with my hairdo, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of red unless it's on my lips or nails.I keep wearing these little ballet flats I wore for "interviews" and I'm realizing they are quite practical, but mine were a little too cutesy for my usual attire of choice. These are purrrrr-fect, love em and I have the higher version for when I'm feeling a little flashy. Keep in mind, these are not polkadots (as some of you thought the ones on the heels were), they are silver studs.

For anyone who keeps saying you can't "find anything at Winners", here's proof that if you can, and why it's worth it.

Item: Dollhouse Silver Studded Ballet Flats
Price: $24.99
Location: Winners/Homesense-Cambie St/8th Ave Location