Monday, April 5, 2010

Ex-Yay on the Chambray

Chambray shirts are EVERYWHERE. Denim looks good on everyone,and not just on the bottom anymore.I'm excited to say there is such a selection out there that it's almost impossible to choose just one, so I now have two.

Way back in November I posted about a denim shirt I found at American Eagle Outfitters. Gosh Darn it they went and did it again with this sweet little number. It's the perfect shade of an all American faded out pale blue accented with another super hot trend coming up, studs. The studs are subtle, and line the back of the shirt. For me, it's all about the little things. This shirt has a cute flower print lined stitch in it, the snappy buttons, the studs, the perfect shade of blue to go with my not so perfect shade of God knows what hair color....Perfection, me loves.

The only tricky thing is pairing it up with bottoms. I attempted to wear it right after I bought it and realized I had to head back out for a pair of white skinny jeans. It's okay with black, but it looks amazing with white, mental note if you are purchasing one of these to go through your closet in your head first, save yourself the trip. (Which I was not smart enough to do).

Yay for Chambray!

Item: Chambray Shirt w/snappy Buttons
Price: On Sale for $39.95
Location: American Eagle Outfitters-Robson St.