Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White Lightning

Not really, but I just wanted to say the words.
So the Chambray shirt that I bought over the weekend...I said I needed white skinny jeans to go with it and here they are.
The thing with White jeans is it's not like I'm going to wear them all the time. They are going to get dirty, and trashed and I'm going to end up wanting a new pair eventually. Tis my theory on stuff like this- whenever something isn't a "staple" that's where I prefer to save than to splurge. At $35.90, I don't care if I fall in mud on the way home from the bar, I'll just go get another pair!

Bonus, elastic waistband! I know, I always thought that was totally mommy wear type stuff, but as I mentioned, the Aero bars I eat for breakfast seem to want to hang around for lunch on my thighs, so it actually really helps. Man I'm getting old.
For some reason, the pocket placement on the back is also has also helped my widening bottom look less so, and that's tough in white pants. See- through factor-7/10. The trick is to wear your greenest or bluest drawers (underwear) when you are out shopping for white pants to try and see how see through they are, then you don't have to guess.

Item: Legging White Denim Jean
Price: $35.90
Location: Zara-Robson St.