Friday, April 9, 2010

Bicyclette-Sounds so much cooler in French.

On our trip down to the good ol' U .S of EH, we stopped in at my favorite store of all time, Urban Outfitters. Not to say that our own location here in Vancouver doesn't stack the goods, but I am a regular shopper (weekly) and I hadn't yet seen this t-shirt, so I'm glad I stopped in.

They actually had 2 styles that had bikes on them, another one was white with navy and had some little red flowers on it, just for a splash of color- equally cute but I had unemployment weigh in and had to pick between the two, and this one won.
This is my kind of tee if it's going to be anything other than plain. Cute graphic, slightly longer in the sleeve (makes it more girly) and a bit longer and forgiving in the body. It's actually not a bad looking bike fact, I think I want one now. Great.

Item: Altru Bicyclette Tee
Price : $24.00 (U.S ) Dollars
Location:Urban Outfitters, Alderwood Mall, Washington (About 20 minutes from Downtown Seattle)