Monday, April 5, 2010

Seriously Studd-ly

To all those people who say you can't find anything cool unless you are downtown (and if you say Main St. rules, that right there puts you in hipster doofus territory with me. Please take your white belt and head out to Strathcona where the cool kids are listening to emotional music ), check out this sweet ring I got in White Rock. That's right, I said White Rock, or South Surrey for you picky people since I know you are out there.

As already mentioned, Studs are sort of popping up everywhere and this one is right on the money. I love how it looks like it's "floating" on your fingers.Even for double finger rings that are starting to pop up here and there, this one is definitely different.
I like the confused looks on people's faces when they have to turn my hand over to have it make sense to them that rings can come in more options than the usual single style ring- get with the times people!

Originally a possible gift idea, I only got one and I'm sorry to say, couldn't give it up. Won't mention who it was for but I will say sorry to you anyways, you know who you are. I owe you and hope that you understand. All I have to say is MINE.

Item: Double finger Stud Ring-Also comes in Gold and Gunmetal
Price: $42.00
Location: Crush Clothing-South Surrey (In the new area near H & M, 160th-ish and 24th)