Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to Basics

Anyone that knows me and what they might consider to be "my style" would say that I tend to gravitate towards rather plain-ish lookin clothes. Solids, white tee's and jeans is what I gravitate towards and where I go 'nanna's is with my shoes and jewelry.
That said, I can't stress enough the importance of good basics, everyone needs them and they are harder to find then you think. Even plain white tee's can fit differently and some look better than others, the trick is finding the right ones that don't look cheap and dress up nicely.

I found this tee first in the heather gray and decided that I also needed it in white. It's really light for spring and the cut is interesting. It's slightly longer and it's not clingy, and the not quite boatneck neckline is really flattering.
The white is a little more sheer then the grey, but I actually like the look of a black or red bra under something a little sheer- Haloween isn't the only time of year you can let your inner tramp out you know? At least this way , it might be what normal people consider "tasteful".

Item: White and Heather Gray Wideneck Tee's
Price: $19.99
Location: Zara Robson St.