Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's my name?

Half the time I can't remember but wouldn't it be nice to be able to consult my necklace? I'm considering this an early medical alert bracelet, I like to be prepared if I fall down and don't remember who I am. I think I will inscribe "OCD Snobby midget" and that will be all the reminder I need to resume to my old natural self.

Actually, I just have a thing for dog tags, and these ones were sort of mini and cute, though I found them in the men's section?
I like how there is a little mini tag hanging off the other one, that way when I lose one, I still have one. Someone was a thinkin, you deserve a raise whoever you are.

Sorry about the picture, jewelry in general is tough to photograph, shiny flashes everywhere, it's moving..ugh.

Item: Gunmetal Twin Dogtags
Price: $10.00
Location: Aldo Accessories-Robson St.