Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best Supporting goes too..

I've recently posted my dislike for bra shopping and spending over 20 bucks on a boobie holster. I am surprised with myself that I found some that I actually liked, and they were under 20 bucks.
Some of you may think the larger boobed woman are blessed, but I call them appendages of the skin that require a basket in order to be able to function. Bigger bras just aren't nice looking and comfort goes out the window when something is required to hold up a couple of bowling balls. BUT, I found this one and liked it so much, as usual, had to buy it in two colors.

There is no underwrire,and somehow the straps are not adjustable either and it still fit me perfectly. Is this what it's like when you find something that fits properly? Maybe I'm one of those chicks who needs to be measured..perhaps my dislike is unfounded by my stupidity and/or being in "d-nial". I think I keep trying to squish myself into what is obviously too small of a holster, hoping for the best with not so hot results.
Love the leopard, love the comfort, love these bras. At $12.99 each with a $1.50 off coupon attached, this is my kinda deal,and one I gladly pass on to you.

Item: Wire Free T-Shirt Bras in Leopard and Black
Price: $12.99 less $1.50 instant attached coupon
Location: Target-Bellis Fair Mall, Washington USA.