Friday, April 9, 2010

A Tisket a Tasket a 10 dollar Basket.

So I bought this nice little organizer to go in my bathroom drawer to keep my makeup from being all over the place and it always ends up all over my counter. There are certain things that are just hard to change, and this pattern seems to be one of them.

I decided since it's too much effort to place things neatly back in a drawer that I would have to find a new solution. I found this basket and it's big enough to hold the make-up I use on a daily basis and the other stuff can stay in the drawer. I can throw my brushes in one of the compartments and the rest of the stuff between the rest of the pockets.
That way, even when I just sweep everything off the counter, it still looks somewhat organized. It has a little handle on it too, which serves no purpose for me other than I justified the purchase going "Oh, but it even has a handle!!"

Item: Basket with compartments
Price: $9.99
Location: Winners-Park Royal