Monday, February 8, 2010

A Nice Grey Area

So the biggest thing that had to go aside from the lamps was my duvet cover.
My old room was sort of in the "beige" family of color choices,and it has since migrated to more in the range of dark brown, white and silver (The silver on account of moving some artwork into my bedroom from the living area).
Something just wasn't working, and on Saturday I decided the beige duvet cover was the pink elephant in the room, and it had bad gas-and had to go. Finding a grey duvet cover was difficult, as is finding a grey couch, but I got one,and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The beige one I had on my bed was from Urban Barn, sort of a cotton stripe mixed with a satin stripe. Very subtle, and I always found it sort of "elegant". I was able to find the exact same one in a very neutral grey color with silver undertones,and it wasn't nearly as much as the one from Urban Barn Cost. Score.
Keep in mind, the walls need paint and I'm changing my accent color to a deep purple (I think), but that's next weekend.
Baby Steps here folks, baby steps.

Item: Pharaoh Queen Size Duvet Cover with Zip Enclosure.
Item: Pharaoh Standard Size Pillowcase
Price:$ 64.99 (on sale) for Duvet Cover
$ 16.99 (on sale) for 2 Pillowcases
Location: Quilts Etc, Richmond Centre